Greetings Mamas!

Things are starting to get back into full swing, and this time of year self care and creating sacred spaces for ourselves as women is vital. Whether your schedule has you juggling the demands of work (which are likely increasing), a new school and family schedule, or a baby on the way, it can be hard to find the time to take a moment and breathe. Self-care doesn't have to be expensive! Read below for my tips on easy ways to add some nourishment into your life.
What's your self care ritual? I'm so inspired by you. I'd love to know what keeps you feeling grounded. Our friends at PrAna like the idea too, and they've offered two prize packages for mamas in the community (#1 for baby on the way, #2 for baby in tow). To enter simply upload a photo of your self care ritual and include #iluvselfcare in the post ( or Instagram: @janeaustinyoga ). I'll choose the winner this Friday, September 25th!
See you soon!

p.s. F or those ladies who are looking to deepen your practice or teach prenatal yoga I am teaching two Prenatal Yoga Immersions coming up October (10/7 - 11 at Yoga Tree in San Francisco + 10/21 - 25 at Body, Mind & Core in Indianapolis)!
Jane Recommends - Mama Resources
Nourishing the Busy Mama
Tips by Katie Louderback, Certified Nutrition Consultant
We all know we feel better when we eat a nourishing diet. Perhaps we have more energy, a smoother digestive system, or maybe we sleep better or experience less anxiety. Sometimes we feel really in control of our nutrition and there are times where that seems out of reach. Maybe we're busy at work, or transitioning back to work after maternity leave, or we're home with small ones during the day and have a hard time prioritizing our own meals. We all experience periods of less than optimal nutrition. I know this from my own personal experience and from consulting with so many women about nutrition. It's challenging to nourish ourselves consistently well.

This Month's TipVitamin C Rich Foods -  There is actually new research linking high levels of Vitamin C intake with feeling less stress! Typically when I am so busy that I'm not eating well, then I also feel stress. And heading into the fall, it's also nice to get the immune boosting benefits of vitamin C as well. Many Vitamin C rich foods are very convenient for on the go eating such as green and red bell peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, sea vegetables, and kale (think easy to grab kale chips). 
Mamas Resource Network 

Mamas Resource Network is a community of professionals who are passionate about supporting mothers, babies, and families in all dimensions of their health. 

This community includes: yoga and pilates instructors, psychologists, pelvic floor physical therapists, psychiatrists, midwives, massage therapists, integrated family medicine doctors, homeopaths, hypnotherapists, chiropractors, lactation specialists, acupuncturists, pediatricians, and childbirth educators.

Get the services, resources, and education you need to meet pregnancy and motherhood with clarity, community and support.

Learn More at .
Community Well 

Community Well is a welcoming space for individuals and families to connect with a network of diverse practitioners focused on supporting people with holistic wellness services.  

Community Well provides a welcoming space in the Excelsior District for growing families and individuals of all backgrounds to connect with holistic services supporting early parenthood and overall wellness that contribute to a better quality of life, and for holistic practitioners to connect with each other and the community.

Learn More at .
Mama's Meet Up: Thurs, October 15th
Mark your calendars for the third Thursday 
7:30 - 10:30pm at  Pause Wine Bar
(1666 Market @ Gough in SF)

$24 gets you a glass of vino in one hand, and appetizers in the other!  

Hosted by Chris Tavelli (Owner of Pause & Yield Wine Bars),
Jane Austin, Stephanie Forster, & Katie Cariffe

"Wine no Whining" 
What I'm Reading - Yoni Shakti 
by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD 

A Woman's Guide to Power & Freedom Through Yoga & Tantra

Okay, I love this book. It is like a yogini's bible. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli knows her stuff! Not only is this book very well researched, it is totally juicy! There is so much good stuff in this book, I've not even gotten all the way through it. It sits by my bedside table and I pick it up whenever I need a little inspiration or just a shot of shakti. Oh and she wanted to call the book Cunt Power but didn't think that title would sell....I would buy it :).  Learn more at .
Self Care The Ultimate Gift 
Jane Austin's Tips Featured in Yoga Journal 

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful parts of life, but it can also be overwhelming, depleting, and exhausting. That's why the best gifts we can give are those of self-care.
  • Daily Practice: One Downward-Facing Dog a day is a daily practice. If you have a few more minutes, try doing just one sun salutation.
  • Free Time: You need to get out of the house or slip away from work to meet up with a mama friend every once in a while. An uninterrupted conversation with a friend can be so nourishing. If that's not possible I recommend a meditation book or cushion to fit in some quiet alone time.
  • Self-Care Retreat: All moms require a relaxing weekend getaway from time to time, but for total mind and body renewal I suggest checking out a mother wellness retreat. My next Mamas Self Care Retreat is Memorial Day 2016 at Mayacamas Ranch where mamas have the opportunity to do yoga and Pilates, eat well, and receive life coaching.
  • Massage: Scheduling a massage with a pro is wonderful, but a little self-massage with coconut oil can go a long way. It nourishes the body and soul. You can use your hands, a tennis ball, a dry brush, or massage tools 
Yoga Classes & Immersions With Jane 
Top 5 Tips For Teaching Prenatal Yoga
by Jane Austin 
  1. Plan to arrive at class early and stay after so you have a chance to check in with your students one on one.
  2. Get to know the different kinds of care providers in your community who specialize in working with mamas. 
  3. Remember to be mindful that language is powerful! Remind your students that they know how they feel better then anyone. 
  4. As a prenatal yoga teacher, you have a great opportunity to inform pregnant women about birth options, that said, keep your opinions about pregnant women's birth choices to yourself. 
  5. Practice what you preach:) self care, self acceptance and self love! 
SAVE THE DATE: Mama's Retreat 
Memorial Day Weekend 2016
at Mayacamas Ranch (Calistoga, California)

Discover and celebrate all the shifts that occur while you fully embrace motherhood. Immerse yourself in fabulous food, invigorating exercise, and nourishing lady company. Enjoy Pilates, Yoga and Life Coaching in an inspired framework where you will replenish yourself and learn to integrate self-care into your daily life.

In Studio:
Mon, Wed & Fri
10:30am - Noon 
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(1234 Valencia @ 24th) 

Sunday,  11:15am - 12:45pm
(908 Cortland @ Folsom)

Mon, Wed & Fri
12:05 - 1:30pm 
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(1234 Valencia @ 24th) 

Prenatal Online: Strengthening & Opening Course

Practice in shortened segments or take the full 74 minute yoga class.

  • Modifications of yoga postures to accommodate special needs.
  • Breathing practices to calm body and mind.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate discomforts.
  • Postures and practices that prepare the body for labor and childbirth.
  • Relaxation, guided visualization + more! 

Prenatal Online: Balancing & Energizing Course 
Practice in shortened segments or take the full 72 minute yoga class.

  • Breathing practices + balancing postures to help with focus, aid in concentration and calm your nervous system. 
  • This course has standing, balancing and back bending postures, along with a challenging arm strengthening sequence.
  • Energize your whole body and reduce stress!
Prenatal Partners 

All workshops are held from 1:15 - 4:15pm.

Yoga Tree Valencia
(1234 Valencia Street @ 24th) 

* Yoga Tree Potrero
(1500 16th Street @ DeHaro)