Your houseplants a.k.a. home decor exude your personal style displaying colors you love, textures that put a sparkle in your eye and some plants that may evoke a feeling or emotional connection Whatever you’re feeling in the moment, houseplants can help you feel grounded and connected to nature and may intrinsically bring good vibes to you, your family and your home.
So, what’s your vibe in 2023? 

Whether you're seeking strength, peace and harmony, wish to be more whimsical, or have a - "you only live once, gotta have it" attitude. Color and texture are two ingredients you'll want to consider when selecting your new best plant friend that matches your vibe. We are thrilled to help you discover the plants that will fill your home in 2023, because everyone should live a life with plants.

Enjoy the below favrites from our Dickman Farms Garden Center team.

We'll See You Soon!
Rich greens that give you a feeling of connection to the earth. Feature Photo: Philodendron Florida Green

Norfolk Island Pine- Having a pine right in your living room is awesome and reminds me of being in a forest. They are fairly easy to care for and like bright indirect or medium light. Let it dry out slightly between waterings and fertilize once per week.- Sharon

Prayer Plant- I love the intricate and graceful pattern on its leaves. I also like the fact that the leaves move in response to the day and night. In the right light conditions they will fold up in the evenings as if they were saying their nightly prayers. - Kate

Peperomia 'Raindrop'- The shape of the leaves are cool, slightly thick and so different looking. This plant likes a south window and prefers a little more humidity in the air. - Erika

ZZ Plant- The long stems topped with shiny deep green foliage is eye catching. Another one of my favorite and easy to care for houseplants that will grow in low light conditions and is perfect for the forgetful waterer. - Kelly
Houseplants with angelic hues of silver.

Peperomia 'Frost'- Feature Photo
Eye catching color and contrast on the leaves. A silver sheen on the leaves is dramatized with dark green veins making it a standout plant amongst any collection. Easy to grow and care for, with many Peperomia varieties and color variations to select from. - Kelly

Sansevieria 'Sayuri'- You can grow it in any type of light conditions. Sansevieria are available in so many varieties that it gives you an array of options with many color variations. The leaf textures are different too, from thick to thin stems, to tall and slender and short in stature. - Sharon

Oyster Plant- What I most specifically like about this oyster plant are the delicate and dainty flowers that are held above the foliage like little puffs of pixie dust. - Kate

Potho's 'Hawaiian'- Easy to care for and they grow quickly. Vine them up the walls, trellis or on a totem pole. - Erika
Houseplants with warm and bold hues. Feature Photo Clivia

Kalanchoe 'Flapjack'- While they do not remind me of pancakes, these large flapjack shaped leaves have subtle rich blended colors on their leaves that are rarely seen together on other plants. Being a succulent they are extremely easy to care for. - Kate

Anthurium - I like the shape of the leaves, they are a continual bloomer and are easy to care for.- Sharon

Ficus Elastica 'Ruby' Rubber Plant- Love the darker merlot colored leaves. Rich, warm color that adds contrast when tucked in amongst other plants. Low water, no fuss. - Kelly

Croton-Just love the big colorful leaves. It's like having fall year round. - Erika
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