Week 1, 2019
What’s a GL Account?
A GL account is financial reporting account, not a job cost reporting account. Here we introduce the basics of GL accounts.

GL stands for General Ledger. The general ledger is a set of accounts used by your accountant to classify costs within your company across your financial statements. 
Avoid Claims With a Pre-Bid Analysis
In a best case scenario, a construction claim will make the contractor financially whole again on the matter. In a worst case scenario, the contractor goes out of business. The best way to avoid a claim is to evaluate the project’s potential for dispute at bid time, before turning in a proposal.
Top 5 Excel Tricks for Contractors
Microsoft Excel is probably the most common tool in the construction industry. Most people use it daily. Here are five simple, everyday things to make you better with Microsoft Excel. 
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Tech Tricks
Shake to Undo

Most mobile operating systems allow you to “shake to undo” a recent typing. When you’re typing and get ahead of yourself, instead of tap-tap-tapping the backspace, try just giving your phone a quick shake/twitch and continue on with your correction.
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Cost Codes: What, Why & How
Many construction companies run their operations with too little specificity; costs ought to be reviewed on an activity-by-activity basis.  Learn what, why and how to set up a good cost code structure.   Read Now
Why be an Engineer: It’s the Mornings
I’m proud to say that I am an engineer.  You should be proud of your kid if (s)he is going to school for engineering too. You should be proud of yourself if you’re an engineer.  Read Now
The Internal Pre-Con: Top 10
Contractors usually are mandated to attend a pre-construction meeting with the  Owner . There’s no reason not to also have an internal pre-construction meeting.  Read Now
The Construction Daily Report: Why & What
The importance of the daily report cannot be overstated. Knowing  why to write them and  what to put in the report is critical for defense of yourself, and offense against another party.  Read Now
Spearin & Modified Total Cost Method
Adopted in Missouri
One of contractors’ most reliable defenses, the Spearin Doctrine, has been upheld in a Missouri Court. Certainly, for Missourians, this is a good thing, and to the extent, others may be able to reference this case or use a similar approach in claims, is a win for the construction industry. Read Now
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Top 5 Excel Tricks
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