May 2018
| Vol 11, Issue 5
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Bumps Along The Way
While this mom has been having a lot of bumps in the road, The Ronald McDonald House has been giving some rest from the road while her children have been getting medical care.

Cheryl, & Logan, Michala Angus relax in the library, their favorite room at Ronald McDonald House.

     As we wrap up May, the month many celebrate motherhood, it's amazing to think about what a mom might consider, "bumps in the road." Mothers truly have a unique perspective on life. Giving life. Nurturing the life of their child or children. And often being in the driver's seat of the family's journey, especially during those formative years. Cheryl Angus has certainly been navigating her family over some rough roads and through some stormy weather. A journey that many of us couldn't even imagine.
     Cheryl and her girls have been coming to the Ronald McDonald House here in Columbus off and on for more than eight years. Both of her daughters, 12-year-old Logan & 8-year-old Michala,  have health issues that have required them to come up from West Virginia to Nationwide Children's Hospital regularly over those eight years. Cheryl says it started with an emergency room visit after doctors back home were perplexed by what was going on with Michala. At one point, it was thought that Michala might need a bone marrow transplant. Cheryl says Michala started to be fed through total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and then through a nasogastric (NG) tube. Cheryl says, "She ended up being inpatient for three months. It was hard because Logan was at home." Home being about three-and-a-half hours drive-time away. Cheryl says she and her husband, Mike, would drive back and forth to touch base at home and check on Logan. Then, fortunately, Cheryl's mom Martha began to drive Logan up from West Virginia on the weekends. At this point, the family did not yet know about The Ronald McDonald House. Cheryl remembers, "So when she brought Logan up we were like, 'Oh my gosh! What are we going to do?!' Logan didn't want to go home because she missed us." That's when a nurse recommended putting in a referral to stay at The Ronald McDonald House. Cheryl says it was the answer they looking for to keep Logan close. "So she could come and visit and we could take turns getting sleep because we were absolutely EXHAUSTED."
     "When we first arrived, I was just kind of nervous because we hadn't slept and didn't know what to expect," Cheryl recalls of coming to the House for the first time. "I was just like WOW!" she exclaims of having settled in the house the first night. "Everybody was so kind and nice and anything we needed was here." And since then, she says seeing volunteers and staff at the house on repeat visits is so very reassuring after being weary from the road. "We have just come to know these familiar faces," she adds. It's like seeing a second family. It makes it a lot easier knowing that we have a place like this to come to. It's stressful enough to drive - to be away from home for four days anyhow - but then to come here and be able to BREATH, you don't have to worry."
     To emphasize that point, Cheryl brings up a very dark part of this eight-year journey.  About half way through it, four years ago, her husband Mike suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep. He didn't survive the attack. Cheryl was, what many of us might call, a wreck at that point.  It's tough for many of us to think of losing the co-parent, or co-pilot, in the middle of a tough journey. But Cheryl was able to get right back on the road, thanks to the help of her own mother. "My mom has stepped in as my helper. Without her, I wouldn't be able to juggle all these appointments back and forth." This day, with both Logan and Michala having visits to the hospital, was a perfect example. "I've had to switch back n' forth today with the girls. Logan had some stuff this morning and Michala this afternoon. So she stayed here with Michala and then I went over there and then we came back and switched. But my mom has been here with me quite a bit."
     But, when Martha can't travel with the girls, Cheryl says her 'second family' here at the House, steps right in with support. Once, last year, when Logan had a major surgery at the hospital, she was discharged, but still having pains. Without a car and without her mom, Cheryl had to bring Logan back to the House, navigating Logan's wheelchair through the rain. "I cried trying to get her over here," she remembers. "It was freezing cold outside, I had to put her in a wheelchair and wrap her in a blanket. She cried the whole way over here because it hurt. Every. Bump. Hurt." And as any parent knows, when your child hurts, you hurt. When Cheryl and Logan came through the front doors at the House, Family Activities Manager Abigail Brummé and Lindsey Beggin, a Volunteer Coordinator at the time, were standing at the front desk and could see both were drenched, in pain, and in need of special love and care. Cheryl says,  "We came in and I started crying again and Logan was crying and they just started saying, 'hey it's going to be okay' and they helped us up to the room and got her in bed... got her settled." "Just knowing, 'hey you're not alone in this.' That meant the world to me at that time because I felt so alone being here with her. I couldn't do anything for her. It was like 10 degrees outside. It was awful in the middle of February last year. It was just horrible and I wanted to make her to feel better. As soon as we came through the door, though, support was waiting!"
     To the staff and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, this mom, who has been through so many "bumps in the road" with her daughters and her own mom, Cheryl has a message: "What you do - I don't think you realize what a gift that you're giving of your time and your energy and how much the people here really appreciate what you're doing." Her family's trek up here may always be a long drive, but Cheryl says, once they arrive at what they consider a second home, The Ronald McDonald House, "there's never a bump in the road!" She adds, that she hopes the women her daughters see volunteering and working in the house are an inspiration for the girls, should they enter motherhood themselves one day.

This Year's Skate It Forward Event Includes Young Athlete Who Sometimes Stays at The Ronald McDonald House

     10-year-old Ella Wintringer is a member of the Skating Club of Western New York in Buffalo, New York who has had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus while undergoing procedures at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Her mom, Jamie, says she started ice skating when she was 5 years old and fell in love with the sport. Ella has skated twice at the New York State Empire Games in Lake Placid, NY and in February 2018, she placed 3rd in her Free-skate program which qualified her for the 2019 State Games of America.
     Ella's figure skating hasn't always been easy because of her medical disorders. In 2013,  Ella was referred to Nationwide Children's Hospital Motility Center and started staying at The Ronald McDonald House when returning for treatments. 
     Jamie says, "The House creates a comfortable environment for friendships to form between suffering children and Ella has always left having made a new friend or enjoyed a new experience. Our family is so thankful for Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. Whenever we return from an appointment, test or surgery in Columbus, Ella laces her skates and glides onto the ice like nothing ever happened." Skating is her passion and provides a place where she can leave all of her medical worries at the rink door."
     When the family was staying at The Ronald McDonald House recently, Ella & Jamie read about Skate It Forward while checking out the RMHC of Central Ohio Facebook page. The event is a skating fundraiser for our Ronald McDonald House featuring some of the brightest stars in ice skating. Ella knew she had to participate in the ice skating fundraiser for the House. "We wanted to give back to RMHC because Columbus' Ronald McDonald House has been so amazing and generous to us over the years," Jamie said.
     Skate It Forward presented Ella with the opportunity to skate her Obladi Oblada Freeskate program in the show on Satruday, June 16. "Ella is beyond excited for this incredible opportunity! It is the perfect combination. Skating and giving back to the community are two of her favorite things," Jamie added.
     In addition to performing in the event, Ella also has her own "Everyday Heroes" fundraising page for the event. Click here to donate to Ella's Skate It Forward page raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House.
     If you would like to learn more about Skate It Forward or get tickets to the June 16th show, Click here.



Food Truck Fridays is Back June & July

The Third Annual Food Trucks Fridays return for June and July. Be sure to come to the parking area outside the front entrance to The Ronald McDonald House every Friday between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for some of the best Food Trucks around.
And be sure to join us for a special edition of Food Truck Fridays June 29th for Pop Tab Donation Day with fun & games, pictures with Pop Tab Pete and a special appearance by The Ohio State University's own Brutus Buckeye! So gather up all of those pop tabs you've been collecting and stop by to drop them off and get a great lunch!

Speaking of good grub, if you would like to volunteer a group to make a meal in June, we have opportunities to make lunch, dinner, or breakfast in the coming month.  Click here to sign up to make a meal!

MommyMile Needs 50 Volunteers!

There's still time for you and your family to sign up form MommyMile June 10th. Remember, you don't have to be a mom to race. You and your friends can race just to celebrate motherhood.
WE NEED FIFTY MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS RACE TOO! Please click here to volunteer for the MommyMile and disregard any previous link used to register as a volunteer. to volunteer for the MommyMile It is the largest race/walk celebration of motherhood with thousands participating each year! 


It's Time For Family Fun on The Golf Course 

Join the 8th Annual Junior's Golf Tournament June 18th featuring teams of 2 adult golfers & 2 junior golfers (aged 16 or under).You may register as a twosome (1 adult & 1 junior) to be randomly paired with another adult/junior twosome or you may register as a foursome (2 adults & 2 juniors).There is no entry fee for this tournament, but we ask that each team fundraise for RMHC of Central Ohio. The top golfing team at the end of the day will receive a prize & the team that raises the most money will be invited to participate in the 32nd Annual Joe Mortellaro Golf Classic & attend the banquet that evening with special guests of honor. Cick here to register your twosome or foursome today!

The Adults Get to Enjoy The 32nd Annual Golf Classic

Ronald McDonald and golfers on the course welcoming registrants.
Click here to find out how to register today!

Our Events Couldn't Happen Without Sponsorships

Make a difference by keeping families close at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Special event sponsors receive participation opportunities and recognition at RMHC of Central Ohio events throughout the year. With levels ranging from $3,000 to $50,000, you or your company, can participate at any level. 
Our Dublin-Crown Handbag HULLABALOO!™ is right around the corner! To learn how you can sponsor this event and others please   email Jamie Foltz or call 614-227-3740. 
Additional 2018 RMHC Special Events available for sponsorship:
  • 32nd Annual RMHC Joe Mortellaro Golf Classic
  • RMHC Sporting Clays Tournament
  • Paint the Town Center Red
  • A Toast to Tinseltown
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