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Important updates about recycling market disruptions

Recent changes to global recycling markets are affecting U.S. recycling programs, with significant impacts in Oregon. This disruption is due to an announcement from China that starting in 2018, they will no longer accept certain materials, such as plastic "clamshells" and plastic bags, shipped from the U.S. for recycling. Until recently, China has been the world's largest importer of recycled paper and plastics.
Changes you should know about:
  • Far West Recycling is no longer accepting plastics, except #1 and #2 bottles, at its public recycling depots (more info)
  • Far West Recycling public recycling depots are now charging $5 per car to accept drop-off recycling
  • Aloha Garbage Company will be closing its public recycling depot effective December 1, 2017
  • New Seasons Market and Whole Foods are no longer accepting public recycling, including plastic bags and clamshells (more info)
There have been  no changes to mixed recycling  collected at the curb at this time.  Please remember that plastic grocery bags, plastic film and plastic "clamshells" are not accepted in your mixed recycling container. For a refresher on what is accepted in your mixed recycling container, download our Business Recycling Guide.
What your business can do at this time:
  • If you were collecting and dropping off plastic grocery bags and plastic film, use our What to Recycle and Where tool to find drop-off locations that are still accepting them
  • If you were collecting and dropping off "non-curbside" plastics like clamshells and plastic lids, please place them in the garbage for now
  • If you were collecting any other special materials for recycling that were picked up by a recycling company, get in touch with them if you have any questions
  • Try reducing or avoiding waste as much as possible. Use durable items instead of disposable ones, such as grocery bags and dishware.
  • Stay tuned to Oregon DEQ's website, which will provide updates about the situation and how it might affect your business
  • Attend the Association of Oregon Recycler's Forum about recycling markets and the impacts of the "National Sword" on November 15
  • Other questions? Get in touch with a Green Business Advisor to set up a site visit and see how we can help
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