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September 2014 
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          September 2014 Newsletter


          What does Confidence Look and Feel Like for YOU?


August has been a whirlwind month. I was speaking and facilitating at Urban Campfire www.thecravecompany.com/urbancampfire        and Girls'  Lounge,

www.THEIPSOSGIRLSLOUNGE.COM                    in Seattle and Wagging Tail Studio www.waggingtailyoga.com in Bethel NY. All the programs I presented were focused around the theme of confidence, and supporting women to access their confidence.


What touched me the most was witnessing that no matter what the age of the women I was speaking to was, our challenges around confidence are pretty universal; second-guessing ourselves, feeling like we have to be perfect and have all the answers in order to move forward, and in some way, large or small, underplaying our contributions. 


My focus was on debunking what I believe to be "The Greatest Myth around Confidence;" and that is that confidence expresses itself the same way with everyone. 


NOT! Just like the "one size fits all" pantyhose from decades ago, that I would roll my eyes at, when they didn't roll past my knees, and I'd think "Fits all! More like fits few!" I feel exactly the same way about this outdated concept when it comes to confidence as well. 


One woman may express her confidence in a bigger-than-life presence and stature, while another may possess an understated demeanor, with what I call a "quiet ferocity." No better, no worse, just different. 


We must own and honor our own brand of confidence, in order to embody it on a more regular basis. 


The presentations and workshops that I presented were on a topic I coined "What is Your Confidence Signature? Creating Your One-of-a-kind Brand of Confidence." 


In the workshop I had women wordsmith a series of words and phrases that embodied their unique expression of confidence. 


Here are the steps I took my participants through: 

1) Write down three moments in your life where you experienced confidence. What values, qualities or feelings emerged?

2) Share with three people, and note their reactions. Write them down.

3) When people brag about you, what do they say? What would you LIKE them to say?

4) Distill your Confidence Signature down to six to eight words and/or phrases.

5) Close your eyes and say them out loud, slowly.

6) Check in with your body.

7) Which words/phrases inspire you the most? 


Wordsmith them a bit. Have fun with the process.


Try it out and tweak accordingly. 


Let it organically evolve to represent your unique offering in the market place.


Mine used to be: "Transformational Pitbull," which combined my dogged tenacity with my commitment to growth that I have towards both myself and my clients.


Now it's: "Personal Growth Provocateur/Jester/Connector Extraordinaire."


It's purpose is NOT to become your business tagline, although it may easily turn into one, but mostly a powerful reminder of how your brand of confidence is uniquely you!


What does your confidence look and feel like? 


I welcome your comments and of course, feel free to pass along to a friend.


  At the Confidence Wall at Urban Campfire in Seattle


At the Confidence Wall at Urban Campfire in Seattle, after doing a program on "One-of-A-Kind Confidence, Creating Your Confidence Signature" for the Girls' Lounge. 


Looking to access your brand of confidence to rev up for your next chapter or get your team aligned for Fall, reach out to me at lois@loisbarth.com and let's talk to see how I can support you in your goals to greatness.



 Lois Barth is a human development expert who supports groups and individuals in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be, so they can thrive both personally and professionally. A regularly sought out speaker and coach, who brings her unique 3 P's; Powerful, Practical and Playful Approach to assist them in doing that. She is quoted regularly in WSJ, Weight Watchers, Elle.com amongst many others and is the Motivational Mindset Expert for Fit Studio (Sears)  and the "Stress Less...Thrive More" Lady for CT Style TV (ABC Affiliate) www.loisbarth.org 



Lois Barth