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Principal's Message:

Good afternoon, Teddy families,

This week we head into our Quarter Finals. This is a time of great anticipation and, at times, anxiety for many of our students.

Teachers, support staff, and students have been in communication over the last days and weeks about what is expected of them and what work may need to be completed before Friday. This Friday is a Teacher Record Keeping Day, students will not have school, while teachers grade assessments.

Some ways to support your students at home are:
  • Remind students of the importance of sleep, eating well, and exercise.
  • Make a plan to schedule their work and study time.
  • Coach them to speak with their teachers, if necessary.
  • Help them avoid distractions.
  • Give them words of encouragement.
  • Stay positive. Often our students may be irritable due to their stress, stay optimistic, let them know you expect them to do their best, and that you love them no matter what.
Let's have an excellent week,

Principal Ledesma
Buenas tardes, familias Teddy,

Esta semana nos dirigimos a nuestros cuartos de final. Este es un momento de gran anticipación y, a veces, ansiedad para muchos de nuestros estudiantes. 

Los maestros, el personal de apoyo y los estudiantes han estado en comunicación durante los últimos días y semanas sobre lo que se espera de ellos y qué trabajo puede necesitar completarse antes del viernes. Este viernes es un Día de Calificacion de Maestros, los estudiantes no tendrán escuela, mientras que los maestros califican las evaluaciones.

Algunas formas de apoyar a sus estudiantes en casa son:
  • Recuerde a los estudiantes la importancia de dormir, comer bien y hacer ejercicio.
  • Hagan un plan para programar su tiempo de trabajo y estudio.
  • Dirigen que hablen con sus maestros, si es necesario.
  • Ayúdelos a evitar distracciones.
  • Delen palabras de aliento.
  • Manténgase positivo. A menudo, nuestros estudiantes pueden estar irritables debido a su estrés - mantenhanse optimistas, haganlos saber que espera que hagan lo mejor que puedan y que los aman pase lo que pase. 
Tengamos una excelente semana,

Director Ledesma
Galab wanaagsan, qoysaska Teddy,

Toddobaadkan waxaan u socdaa quarter Finalka Quarter Finalka. Xilligaani waxa uu kusoo beegmaya filasho wayn iyo, mararka qaarkood walaaca badan oo ardaydeena ah. 

Macallimiinta, shaqaalaha taageerada, iyo ardayda ayaa maalmaha iyo toddobaadyada la soo dhaafay xiriir ka waday waxa laga filayo iyo waxa loo baahan yahay in shaqada la soo gabagabeeyo inta ka horeysa Jimcaha. Jimcaha maanta ah waa Maalinta Ilaalinta Macallimiinta, ardayda ma yeelan doonaan iskuulka, halka qiimaynta fasalka macalimiinta ay sameyn doonaan.

Siyaabaha qaar oo aad ku taageeri karto ardaydaada guriga ku jooga waa:
  • Ardayda xusuusi ahmiyadda ay leedahay hurdada, cunista wanaagga iyo jimicsiga.
  • Samee qorshe ay shaqadooda u qabanayaan iyo waqtigooda waxbarasho.
  • U tababar si ay ula hadlaan macalimiintooda, hadii loo baahdo.
  • Ka caawi in ay ka fogaadaan wax majeertooyinka.
  • Sii hadallo dhiirigelin ah.
  • Noqo mid wanaagsan. Inta badan ardayda our noqon kartaa xanaaqsan sababo la xiriira walaaca ay, joogo rajo, u sheeg in aad ka rajaynayso in aad ka rajaynayso in ay sameeyaan waxa ugu wanaagsan, iyo in aad jeceshahay si kasta ha ahaatee.
Aynu leenahay todobaad aad u fiican,

Maamulaha Ledesma
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Nuts and Bolts
 Welcome to our Community Standard. This newsletter will be sent to you twice per month and highlight both what has happened and what is coming up.

Our calendar at is always up to date with the latest information and our FB page is updated at least once per day, please click on the link below to check it out!

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] 
EVERY FRIDAY IS SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY! Wear your Teddy Gear or Maroon and Gold!!

Upcoming Events

November 2..Even Finals
November 3..Odd Finals
November 3..Deadline for IB and AP Exams
November 4..No School for students
November 5..RHS Foundation Hall of Fame Celebration
November 6..FALL BACK..Daylight Savings
November 7..Quarter 2 begins
November 8..Election Day
November 14..Health Career Field Trip
November 17..Health Career Field Trip
November 18..Native American Celebration
November 23-25..No School
December 6..Mid Quarters Carried Home
December 6..Winter Arts Showcase
December 8..Prospective Student Night
December 9..No School
December 12..OHB Spirit Week..Comfy Day
December 13..OHB Spirit Week..Ugly Sweater Day
December 14..OHB Spirit Week..Hats and Crazy Hair for the Holiday
December 15..OHB Spirit Week..Candy Cane Day, wear Red, White and/or Green
December 16..OHB Spirit Week..School Colors and packing of 300 baskets to deliver to families in need. If you need a basket this year, please respond to this email.
December 16..Senior Photos Due
December 17-Jan 1..Winter Break
January 2...Welcome BACK from Winter Break!
Halloween is here

We support our student right to express themselves through dress on Halloween. As a reminder, no masks that cover the face are allowed in the school building. Students may wear COVD-safe masks but any mask that covers the entire face will be asked to be removed or confiscated. Thank you for helping us keep our school community safe.
The 2022 Hall of Fame Homecoming Celebration
Saturday November 5th At Roosevelt

No Tickets Necessary. If you so desire there is a purchase price for Dessert, Booklet or Roosevelt swag. – cash or check only please!

5:30 to 7 PM Dessert in Cafeteria, Music, & School Tours 7:00 PM Induction program in the auditorium – with Emcee Nancy Nelson! 26 new inductees!

Desserts for the HOF celebration will be $5 and served by RHS Students.
  • A New York Style Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis and fresh berries (and a handful of vegan cheesecake pieces as well)
  • A black forest Chocolate Cake with cherries and Coconut Whipped Cream (dairy and gluten free)
This is the creation of Ben Rengstorf and his students in the RHS Culinary Arts program!

The new inductees we will be celebrating.
The 2022 Class of Inductees:
Jill Helms RHS Class of ‘75
Lorraine Frankel RHS Class of ‘61
Manfed Rietsch RHS Class of ‘59
C Wesley Anderson RHS Staff 1932-1957
Thomas Aitken RHS Class of ‘74
Marilyn Arendt RHS Class of ‘65
Lorrie Westergreen RHS Staff 1982-2012
Roger Strand, RHS Class of ‘53
David Eiland RHS Class of ‘75
Marilyn Kerns RHS Class of ‘64
The 2020 Class of Inductees who will also be celebrated:
Bob Anderson: Teacher/Coach, RHS
Philip Bauer: RHS Class of ‘79
Ronald Faanes: Class of ‘59
William Hansen: RHS Class of ‘73
John Hines RHS Class of ‘71
Charlotte Jirousek: RHS Class of ‘56
Woody Johnson: RHS, Class of '63
Pat Lilja: RHS Class of ‘60
Sandy Logan: RHS Class of ‘73
Thomas Madison: RHS Class of ‘53
Carol Mensing: RHS Class of 65’
William Nelson: RHS Class of ‘59
Timothy Nielson: RHS Class of ‘89
Tom Ohno Teacher/Coach RHS
Duane Ramberg: RHS Class of ‘59
Greg Wicklund: RHS Class of ‘77
To find where YOU vote and what will be on YOUR ballot, click on the links below and ....
1) put in your zip code, then click go
2) put in your house address (i.e.3112), then click go
3) click on your street from the pull down menu

Minneapolis residents can vote EARLY at Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services OR at Hennepin County Government Center (see below for dates/times) as well as a number of other locations including (North Mpls, South Mpls and East Lake St locations opening up starting November 1st):
Hennepin County Residents can vote EARLY at Hennepin County Government Center (see below for dates/times) OR at your county election office
Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services EARLY VOTING DATES/TIMES (for Minneapolis residents only)
980 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Monday - Friday, Oct 24 - Nov 4
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Oct 29 & Nov 5
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sundays, Oct 30 & Nov 6
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday, November 7
7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, November 8

CLOSED for voting - vote at
Ballot drop-off open until 3pm
Hennepin County Government Center EARLY VOTING DATES/TIMES (for all Hennepin County residents)
Skyway Level
300 6th Street S
Minneapolis, MN 55487
Date                                 Hours
Saturday, October 29
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday, Oct. 31 - Nov 4
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 5
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday, November 7
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, November 8
CLOSED for voting - vote at your polling place
Ballot drop-off open until 3:00 p.m.
There is a 21-day quarantine if an unimmunized student is exposed to measles.  Many families don’t realize their student will be out of school up to 21 days with a measles exposure if not vaccinated or if proof of vaccination is not in place.  
October celebrates World Mental Health Awareness Day. 
October is Mental Health Awareness Month! To learn more about how you can support positive mental health in your family, please read the Mental Health Support team’s newsletter: In English linked here

Octubre es el Mes de Crear Conciencia sobre la Salud Mental. Para aprender más acerca de cómo promover la salud mental positiva en su propia familia, favor de leer el noticiero del Equipo de Apoyo de Salud Mental. In Spanish linked here

Oktoobar waa Bisha Wacyigelinta Caafimaadka Maskaxda! Si aad uga ogaato wax badan oo ku saabsan sida aad u taageeri karto caafimaadka maskaxda ee qoyskaaga, fadlan akhri warsidaha Kooxda Taageerada Caafimaadka Maskaxda: In Somali linked here

In Hmong linked here.
For the 4th year in a row, Teddy Girls Tennis team wins Gold Level Award for MN Tennis Coaches Association Team GPA. Way to go Teddies! 🐻🎾📣
Unified Bocce Ball brought home some ribbons this week!
Sophia, Zoe, Farah and Fathi qualified for Bocce State Tournament November 10. 
Congratulations to all!!
Counseling/Career & College Center News

Up to date information on Career & College opportunities can always be found at: CCC Corner

Please check the CCC Google Site and the RHS Counseling Website for more resources and information about upcoming deadlines and events!

The RHS Counseling Team:
Mohamoud Mohamed, Counselor of Record for Last Names A-E
[email protected], Office #: 612-668-4811
Mark Heymans, Counselor of Record for Last Names F-L
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-405-3801, Office #: 612-668-4855
Salado Hasan, Counselor of Record for Last Names M-O
[email protected], Office #: 612-668-4813
Sandra Kroger, Counselor of Record for Last Names P-Z
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-460-7325, Office #: 612-668-4812
Eric Rodgers, Career & College Center Coordinator
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-567-6897, CCC #: 612-668-4822
Kong Xiong, Career & College Center Coordinator
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-460-1588, CCC #: 612-668-4822
The Class of 2023 has chosen Brian FitzGerald as their staff commencement speaker!

Collision student Tyler Ottum's welding helmet was voted one of the top 5 finalists for the Art meets Automotive contest! The helmet will now go to the SEMA 2022 car show in Las Vegas for final judging! Let's wish Tyler luck! Thank you to all who voted.
Instead of going to, go to Register and select Minneapolis Theodore Roosevelt High School Foundation as your charity. Each time you shop at the Foundation will receive a small percentage of your purchase.

By doing this you are helping give scholarships to Roosevelt students and grants to staff without it costing you a penny?

You just have to remember to go to instead of Amazon…..same merchandise, same prices, same service. Thank YOU!

20 hours of Service Per year is expected of every student, every year. 
Check out this site for volunteering opportunities..
Check out these websites to come up with another idea.
(You can search by word, so if you are looking for an "art" based volunteering opportunity, or a "children" based opportunity, "senior citizen", etc.

If you have questions or need to turn hours in, please email [email protected]

If your student is doing their hours OUTSIDE of the school, please have them send in a paper that is signed, dated and phone number listed for the organization or person that they helped.