Principal's Message:

Good afternoon, Teddy families,

This week we kicked off our Club Fair with students showing interest in dozens of possible clubs, we began our celebration of Hispanic/Latine Heritage Month with food and dance last night, we welcomed 9th grade families to our Curriculum night, and we celebrated our first full week of school.

While students and staff are going home tonight exhausted, please also know that we are overflowing with excitement for this school year. Already, students have shown up eager to learn, embodying school spirit, and, genuinely being respectful of one another.

At Roosevelt, we often use the phrase, "Be RHS" - which reminds students to be Respectful, Honorable, and Safe.

BE RESPECTFUL- Have a positive attitude towards myself, others, the school, and learning. Attend school regularly and on time.
BE HONORABLE- Know and respect all school and classroom rules, and take responsibility for your actions, always seeking to do better.
BE SAFE- Do my best in class, at home, and in my community. 

We will return to these values over and over again in all that we do to ensure we show up as our best selves at Roosevelt and in the community.

Please remember that if you want to see pictures of the great things happening at Roosevelt, you can follow the social media sites below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Principal Ledesma
Buenas tardes, familias Teddy,

Esta semana iniciamos nuestra Feria del Club con estudiantes que muestran interés en docenas de posibles clubes, comenzamos nuestra celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana / Latina con comida y baile anoche, dimos la bienvenida a las familias de 9º grado a nuestra noche de Currículo, y celebramos nuestra primera semana completa del colegio. 

Esta noche los estudiantes y el personal se van a casa agotados, pero también sepan que estamos rebosantes de emoción por este año escolar. Los estudiantes demuestran emocion por aprender, encarnando el espíritu escolar y, genuinamente, siendo respetuosos unos de otros.

En Roosevelt, a menudo usamos la frase "Be RHS", que recuerda a los estudiantes que deben ser respetuosos, honorables y seguros. 

SÉ RESPETUOSO- Tener una actitud positiva hacia mí mismo, hacia los demás, la escuela y el aprendizaje. Asista a la escuela regularmente y a tiempo. 
SÉ HONORABLE- Conoce y respeta todas las reglas de la escuela y el aula, y asume la responsabilidad de tus acciones, siempre buscando hacerlo mejor. 
SÉ SEGURO- Haz lo mejor que pueda en clase, en casa y en mi comunidad. 

Volveremos a estos valores una y otra vez en todo lo que hagamos para asegurarnos de mostrarnos como lo mejor de nosotros mismos en Roosevelt y en la comunidad.

Recuerde que si desea ver fotos de las cosas maravillosas que suceden en Roosevelt, puede seguir los sitios de redes sociales a continuación.

Que tengan un buen fin de semana,

Director Ledesma
Galab wanaagsan, qoysaska Teddy,

Toddobaadkan waxaan ku bilownay bandhiggeena naadiga annagoo ardayda muujinaaya xiisaha ay u qabaan daraasan kooxo suuragal ah, waxaan bilownay dabaaldegyada bisha hiddaha/Latine ee cunno iyo qoob ka ciyaarka habeenkii xalay, waxaan ku soo dhaweynay qoysaska fasalka 9-aad habeenkeena Manhajka, waxaana u dabaaldegnay toddobaadkii ugu horeeyay ee buuxa ee dugsiga. 

Iyadoo ardayda iyo shaqaalaha ay caawa guryahooda aadayaan iyagoo daallan, fadlan sidoo kale ogow in aan faraxa badan ku faraxnay sanad dugsiyeedkan. Durbaba, ardaydu waxay muujiyeen in ay aad u xiiseynayaan in ay wax bartaan, ayna muujiyaan ruuxda dugsiga, iyo, dhab ahaantii in qofba midka kale ixtiraamo.

At Roosevelt, waxaan inta badan u isticmaalnaa weedha ah, "Noqo RHS" - taas oo xasuusinaysa ardayda inay ixtiraamaan, Sharafta leh, iyo Ammaan. 

KA TAXADAR- Hayso dabeecad wanaagsan oo ku aadan aniga, dadka kale, iskuulka, iyo waxbarashada. Aad iskuulka si joogto ah iyo waqti dambeba. 
SHARAF- Ogow oo ixtiraama dhammaan xeerarka dugsiga iyo fasalka, mas'uuliyaddana ka saaran ficiladaada, marwalbana doonaya inaad wax ka wanaagsan sameyso. 
NOQO SAFE- Samee fasalka ugu fiican fasalka, gurigayga, iyo jaaliyadayda. 

Waxaan dib ugu soo laaban doonaa qiyamkaan marar badan dhammaan wixii aan sameyno si aan u hubino in aan u soo muuqanno inaan nahay nafteena ugu wanaagsan ee Roosevelt iyo bulshada dhexdeeda.

Fadlan xusuusnow hadii aad rabtid in aad aragto sawirada waxyaabaha waa weyn ee ka dhacaya Roosevelt in aad la socoto baraha bulshada ee hoos ku yaala.

Hayso weekend cajiib ah!

Maamulaha Ledesma
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Nuts and Bolts
 Welcome to our Community Standard. This newsletter will be sent to you twice per month and highlight both what has happened and what is coming up.

Our calendar at is always up to date with the latest information and our FB page is updated at least once per day, please click on the link below to check it out!

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] 
EVERY FRIDAY IS SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY! Wear your Teddy Gear or Maroon and Gold!!

Upcoming Events

Sept 22..Diploma and Careers related Family Program Night
Sept 23..Cafe con Christian
Sept 26..No School
Sept 26..Alpine Ski Meeting 7-8pm
Sept 27..9th grade FAST Reading Test
Sept 28...9th grade FAST Reading Test
Sept 29..WHITE OUT..Home Football Game
Sept 29..Girls' Tennis SENIOR night
Sept 30..Latin Cultural Celebration
October 6..Volleyball Alumni Night
October 7..Homecoming and Senior Night
October 8..Homecoming dance
October 17..Driver Ed Registration opens
October 18..Picture Re-take Day
October 18 & 19..Conferences
Help support the Teddy Girls Soccer program by getting your car washed! This Saturday, Sept 17, 11am-3pm at Dairy Queen by Minnehaha Falls. ⚽️
Counseling/Career & College Center News

Up to date information on Career & College opportunities can always be found at: CCC Corner

Lake Street Works

Lake Street Works is a 12-month trades and life skills after school workforce development program for low-income 11th and 12th grade students in South Minneapolis. The program is hands-on, offers a paid-stipend, and focuses on soft skills training in addition to introducing participants to carpentry, electrical, plumbing and HVAC industries.

Students attend classes 2 nights a week from 5 PM to 8 PM.​
The evening starts with a meal, then training in construction and life skills.
Students are paid $30 per class. The payments are deposited into students’ debit accounts monthly. (LSW helps set up debit accounts for each student.)
The program starts July 11 and goes through June 15, 2023.
High School Seniors graduate from Lake Street Works in June 2023 and can qualify for a paid internship with a contractor or receive a scholarship to go to Dunwoody Technical College.
High School Juniors continue in LSW until June 15 of 2024. 
By learning at Lake Street Works this summer, students can earn approximately $420 in stipends and $210 in an investment account. During the year they can learn and earn even more!

Students (and their parents) should complete the following online application and their recruiter will follow-up with you. All students and their parents will be interviewed prior to being accepted to the program to assess the students’ interest and commitment to learning skills in the construction trades. Here is how you apply.
U of M Twin Cities Admissions Experience Minnesota

Experience Minnesota is a high-energy, once-a-year event that gives students the chance to experience how, as a U of M student, they can expand their horizons, discover new passions, and accomplish their dreams. Students will learn more about our outstanding academics and unique opportunities to enhance their college experience. At Experience Minnesota, students will have the opportunity to:
Enjoy student and group performances from campus and Twin Cities community cultural groups.
Attend sessions where they will discover more about their academic interests, financial aid and scholarships, and how to apply to the University of Minnesota.
Explore and learn more about student cultural centers such as the:
American Indian Student Cultural Center
Asian American Student Union 
Black Student Union
Mi Gente Latinx Student Cultural Center
Tour our historic Big Ten campus in the heart of the Twin Cities.
Meet current U of M students and hear about their experiences.
Students may individually register online at or by calling the Office of Admissions at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000.
Saturday, October 8
Check in 8:45 - 9:30a.m.
Program 9:30a.m. - 3p.m.
Carlson Family Stage Northrop
84 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Minnehaha Academy Historically Black College/University (HBCU) College Fair

Minnehaha Academy is hosting a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) College Fair at 3100 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN on Tuesday, September 27, 5-8p. Register using the QR code below.
The schedule for the event is as follows:
5:00-5:30p: Welcome & Networking
5:30-6:30p: Alumni Panel Discussion
6:30-8:00p: HBCU College Fair
Please check the CCC Google Site and the RHS Counseling Website for more resources and information about upcoming deadlines and events!

The RHS Counseling Team:
Mohamoud Mohamed, Counselor of Record for Last Names A-E
[email protected], Office #: 612-668-4811
Mark Heymans, Counselor of Record for Last Names F-L
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-405-3801, Office #: 612-668-4855
Salado Hasan, Counselor of Record for Last Names M-O
[email protected], Office #: 612-668-4813
Sandra Kroger, Counselor of Record for Last Names P-Z
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-460-7325, Office #: 612-668-4812
Eric Rodgers, Career & College Center Coordinator
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-567-6897, CCC #: 612-668-4822
Kong Xiong, Career & College Center Coordinator
[email protected], Google Voice #: 612-460-1588, CCC #: 612-668-4822
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By doing this you are helping give scholarships to Roosevelt students and grants to staff without it costing you a penny?

You just have to remember to go to instead of Amazon…..same merchandise, same prices, same service. Thank YOU!

20 hours of Service Per year is expected of every student, every year. 
Check out this site for volunteering opportunities..
Check out these websites to come up with another idea.
(You can search by word, so if you are looking for an "art" based volunteering opportunity, or a "children" based opportunity, "senior citizen", etc.

If you have questions or need to turn hours in, please email [email protected]

If your student is doing their hours OUTSIDE of the school, please have them send in a paper that is signed, dated and phone number listed for the organization or person that they helped.