July 2018
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In June, AMPOL's in house Training Dept. performed a 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training class for several new hires as well as an 8 Hour Refresher Training class for employees needing their annual refreshers. This training is required by OSHA Regulations for Spill Response/Clean Up Personnel. Topics covered in these classes included, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Regulatory review
  • Hazards-Chemical Exposure/Fires/Reactives/Corrosives/Ionizing Radiation/Oxygen Deficiency/Biologic/Safety /Electrical/Heat Stress/Cold Exposure/Noise Hazards
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazards & Risk Assessment Techniques
  • DOT Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Emergency Response including Incident Command System
  • Personal Protective Equipment /Eye Protection/Skin Protection/PPE Use
  • Program Development/Respiratory Protection/Hearing Conservation &Protection
  • Decontamination
  • Spill Control including oil spill response
  • Monitoring & Sampling
  • Stopping Releases
  • Incipient Fire Fighting
  • HAZ MAT Technician Exercise / Test

AMPOL attends Water Survival/ Multi Seat HUET Training. This training provides our employees with information and skills necessary and minimize injuries and reduce company liabilities in emergency situations.

  • Training of Personnel in the Rescue of Persons in Water.
  • Review of USCG Regulations Title 33 Part 143- Manned & Unmanned Platforms
  • Emergency Situations (Types, Signals, Station Bill)
  • Survival Principles (Training & Drills, Attitudes, Platform Abandonment Methods & Actions, Clothing as buoyant devices)
  • Personal Flotation Devices (Types I-V)
  • Life Ring Buoys (use, man overboard actions & video), Life Floats, Life Rafts
  • Survival Capsules (application & use)
  • Survival Craft Operations Use
  • Signaling Equipment & Pyrotechnics (application & demonstration)- EPIRB, Radio, GMDS
  • Helicopter Safety- (safety equipment & procedures involving impact/egress)
  • Swing Ropes and Personnel Baskets
  • First Aid Treatment (drowning victim procedures, Hypothermia, Litter, First Aid Kit Use)
  • Survival Floating/strokes Use of Clothing as Buoyant Devices
  • PFD- donning in water, swimming while donning, HELP position demo,
  • Hypothermia protection
  • Water Entry from a height
  • Marine & aviation life raft righting, boarding from the water, assisting survivor in raft
  • Rescuing a drowning person while wearing a PFD
  • Escaping a simulated oil fire on water surface
  • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)- multi-seat simulator crash simulation escape
  • Life Ring Toss
  • Demonstration Rope Swing/Personnel Basket

If you or your company is in need of training please call AMPOL for rates and a list of classes available.
John Carnevale, Assistant Safety Director
Derek Goins, Safety Director
In May AMPOL sent 10 technicians to ABC Pelican Training School, to conduct NCCER hydro-blasting training. The training included instruction on the safe operation of hydro-blasting machines up to 40 thousand psi. This training taught the employees how to properly setup, and use the equipment in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

In addition, AMPOL trainers also conducted SafeLand/SafeGulf training for a group of employees. This training is required before an employee is able to go offshore and perform operations. The AMPOL staff includes a certified PEC instructor which allows us to conduct the training at our facility.
AMPOL Performs Pig Cleaning
AMPOL performs NORM surveying and decontamination of pipeline PIGS. PIGS can be decontaminated on site or at our licensed NORM facility located in Bayou Vista

Call the AMPOL "A" team for your PIG deconing operations.
AMPOL's industrial insulation team completes another outstanding project. AMPOL provides insulation services hot, cold, and fireproofing on structural components. AMPOL provided top notch service and quality.

A dedicated insulation team is always ready to provide the best insulation products and support in the Gulf South. Pictures shown here are the latest in the long line of insulation projects that AMPOL has completed.

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