January 2019
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AMPOL is pleased to announce that we, as a company, have gone over 1,000 days without a recordable incident. Our last recordable incident occurred in February 2016, almost 3 years ago. This accomplishment is a huge milestone for AMPOL, and something that we can all be proud of. In this industry, we work long hours, sometimes in dangerous situations, which can lead to serious incidents. Through the dedication to the “Safety First” culture at AMPOL, we are able to recognize and prevent serious incidents from occurring. This accomplishment could not have been achieved without all of the team members watching out for each other, and speaking up when something was not right. It is our goal to go another 1,000 days without a recordable incident. This goal is achievable, but not without everyone doing their part. From the management team at AMPOL, we would like to say “thank you” to everyone who made this goal a reality! 

AMPOL welcomes new salesman
AMPOL would like to introduce the most recent addition to our Account Management Team, Brian Brumfield. Brian has served the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry for the last 27 years in key development roles servicing his clients. He is a customer service oriented, sales-minded professional, experienced in achieving high levels of satisfaction for his clients. Brian will primarily provide support for the Lafayette region, but can also provide value to our customers well outside this region. We are
excited to have him on board! He can be reached via email at bbrumfield@ampol.net or his cell (337) 519-4325.

AMPOL Pig Cleaning Services

AMPOL is the solution provider for pipeline companies during maintenance and inspection projects. Pipeline operators now have to do more pipeline inspections. These inspections are performed utilizing SMART Tools or line cleaning pigs. With NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), and other hydrocarbon contaminants being frequently found in these pigs, specialized training and cleaning techniques are now required to clean these SMART Tools. AMPOL has the properly trained personnel and equipment to perform NORM surveying, along with other contaminants and decontamination of pipeline Smart Tools and pigs from start to finish. We will come to your location, set up a decontamination station, survey and clean your Smart Tools and pigs, and handle any disposal that is required. You can also ship your SMART Tools or pigs to our licensed NORM facility located in Bayou Vista. Call AMPOL at 1(800)48AMPOL and let us help you with your cleaning needs!

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