From the Director
 It's difficult to convey the excitement here at CHESS this summer. In addition to the normal annual influx of summer visitors, this summer the CHESS-U project first demolished the CHESS experimental floor and removed the Southern sextant of CESR and then rebuilt a new low emittance CESR and modern x-ray experimental floor. The articles in this eNewsletter clearly demonstrate the excitement of the summer projects.
And, I feel compelled to reassure everyone that ALL of the CHESS' Associate Directors are healthy and working harder than ever. CHESS is searching for a new Associate Director to fill the extra-large shoes of Ernie Fontes who has been promoted to CLASSE Technical Director. Ernie is now responsible for overseeing all of the technical programs in the laboratory (CHESS and CBETA are the largest but there are over 30 in the laboratory). While he has been doing so for many months, even Ernie can't do both jobs forever. So, I'd like to publicly thank Ernie for serving so capably for these many years as CHESS Associate Director and look forward to continuing to work closely with him as CLASSE technical director.
Thinking Past CHESS-U, Students Make an Impact
Grace King, a rising Junior, majoring in Physics at Vassar College and studying Engineering at Dartmouth College, participated in the REU program at Cornell this summer...
Striking the right balance
Singlet fission is a form of unconven-tional energy conversion that multiplies excitation's. It can be used to harvest spectrally broad light, such as the sun, more efficiently. The incorporation of this process into optoelectronic devices, such as solar cells, would significantly boost efficiencies and reduce cost.
Shake Rattle and Roll
Granular materials are everywhere: they are underfoot in soils, sands, and snow and are also processed to create numerous food products, pharmaceuticals, and manufactured goods in our everyday lives...
How Synthetic Diamonds Reflect X-rays
A team of CHESS scientists cracked the problem for one of technolog-ically important types of materials, chemically vapor-deposited (CVD) diamond crystals.
CHESS addresses the "Middle-Skills" gap with partnership
CHESS, a power-house of x-ray and accelerator physics and techno-logy, requires the cultivation of local talent, specific skills, and a highly-trained workforce to build and maintain needed beamline and accelerator components.
Inventive New Hutches in Place as CHESS-U Takes Shape
The construction portion of the CHESS-U upgrade is nearing completion as teams work to assemble the last of the experimental hutches...
Meet Marta Faulkner & Ethan Pan
Both nontraditional undergrads, as they discuss their experiences in Olena Vatamaniuk's research lab and Marta's work at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source...
Using X-rays to Validate the Next-Generation of Thermo-Mechanical Processing Codes
Additive manufacturing or ‘3-D Printing’ of metallic alloys promises to revolutionize manufacturing with its ability to eliminate waste, enable the production of parts with com-plex shapes previously not possible, allow replacement parts to be built in remote environments ...
Two-Color X-ray Emission Spectroscopy Probes Enzyme Mechanism from Human Pathogen
Using two-color valence-to-core x-ray emission spectroscopy, researchers from Penn State and CHESS uncover new details about enzyme mechanism.
Issue No. 57 2018.09.18