August 2016
Humanely Speaking
HSWCTN Newsletter

 I remember waking up and looking into the most beautiful face I had ever seen; my foster mom.  Mom said I was in pretty bad shape and had to have surgery and that one of my legs had to be removed but I would be ok now and that I was safe.   You know what?  My mom was right, I can run around now and I eat and drink but I really just need this cone off and then I know I will feel much better.


This beautiful boy was six weeks old when he arrived at our office.  He had suffered a very serious injury to his back leg and it could not be saved.  While his foster mom was at work, Kip got to spend time in our office with volunteers, who assisted with caring for his wound, giving him food and water with a syringe, keeping his bedding clean until his foster mom picked him up.   Our volunteers immediately fell in love and were determined that Kip was going to survive and he did.  He has been adopted and loves life with his other cat siblings and his best friend Elle.  Just ask his former foster mom, who couldn't let him go.

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Become a member of the Humane Society of Washington County for the next year and help us to become a No-Kill community. For your membership of $25 or more, you'll receive a membership card, a quarterly newspaper, a car magnet, T-shirt or tote bag, discounts from local businesses and the knowledge that you're part of the difference for animals in this community.

Your contribution will help provide food, proper medical care, spaying/neutering and comfortable housing for each animal while awaiting their forever home. Our organization receives no public or government funding, receives no monies from national humane organizations (such as the Humane Society of the United States) or county, state or federal government funds. We are a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization and your membership is completely tax deductible.
As a community-based organization, HSWC has always depended on community
members like you. Thank you for your support and for your recognition of the importance of eliminating unwanted animals in the community.

Confessions of a Foster Mom
Since the boys and I have to share one bathroom in our small house, I find it somewhat unfair that the cats (fosters and fails) have more places to use the bathroom than we, their humans, do. Not to mention that they don't have the added responsibility of cleaning up after themselves.
Susan Epps, Foster Mom
Most of the time, they use the nice blue boxes filled with cool stuff they can dig in or cover up with but on occasion, they choose alternate locations, and, well, let's just say that "unhappy" is not quite the word for how I feeling when I find out.

Fostering Saves Lives

 Last year through our foster program we were able to save over 900 lives. You can see from our Happy Tails what a difference to an animals.  Fostering is fun, flexible  and rewarding. You can make a difference for an animal in need.  


For more information about fostering for The Humane Society of Washington County, please click the link below:


 I Want to Learn More 


Or if you are ready to get started, click a link below to apply to become a Foster Home:


Cat Foster Home Application            Dog Foster Home Application 

Happy Tails
From This
Gertrude was found as a stray on a very busy road and it's surprising she was not killed by traffic.  She was taken to the shelter and was looked over every day. She was matted, blind, terrified and nasty.  Her future foster mom, Angie, saw her and could not leave her behind.  Her teeth had to be cleaned and her vision was totally gone, no way to fix that but she didn't need it.  Gertrude went to her very first adoption event and a family adopted her and another dog on the same day.   

To This
Today Gertrude is living the life of royalty. She went from an unwanted dog who sat in a kennel at the shelter watching daily as people passed her by because she wasn't the perfect dog.  Thank goodness Angie saw something else.  Gertrude was given and chance at a new life.  Her family loves and adores her and sends photo updates of this princess daily.  All she  needed was a chance and boy did she get  it.

Pets of the Month
Olive - 2 Year Old Beauty
This beautiful sweet girl was found wandering at Tupelo Honey.  She was taken to the shelter and no one claimed her.  We pulled her from the shelter and placed her in foster care.  She is looking for her furever home.  Olive gets along well with other dogs and all people, children and adults. Her foster mom says she is really just the sweetest girl and will make someone a wonderful, furry friend for life.  She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations.  If you are interested in adopting Olive, please click the link below for our adoption application.

Boo - Handsome Boy
 I love being picked up so I can perch/ride around on your shoulder, give you kisses and purr loudly in your ear. From my perch, it is much easier to supervise or assist you with your activities. I am beyond cute (or so I'm told) and rather distinguished-looking with my white whiskers and black coat.  I'm very clean & well behaved.  When you arrive home, I will likely run to greet you at the door.  My foster Mom tells me I am very special and have tons of personality.  I am looking for a loving, fur-ever home where I will be appreciated for all that I have to offer.  I look forward to being a part of your family and will try every day to repay you for this gift with all the love I have to offer.  
Favorite Hobbies: I love playing with the feather on a stick, though sometimes I have to share it with my brother, Sam and sister, Yum-Yum.  I also enjoy sleeping in the cozy recliner and watching the birds & smelling the air from my sunny window seat.  Any opportunity to nap and snuggle with my human will make my day. I also enjoy getting into the catnip and batting my catnip mouse around.  If you are interested in adopting Boo, please click the link below for our adoption application.

The Truth Behind Spaying and Neutering Myths

Myth: Female dogs and cats should have at least one litter before having them spayed.

Truth: There is no medical evidence to justify allowing a dog or cat to have a litter before spaying. In fact, spaying female dogs and cats eliminates the possibility of developing uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the threat of mammary cancer.

Myth: Animals become less active and overweight as a result of spaying or neutering.

Truth: As any animal matures, it is necessary for human guardians to adjust dietary intake to compensate for more sedentary lifestyles. Animals become overweight only when they are fed too much and not exercised properly.

Myth: Children should be allowed to witness the miracle of birth.

Truth: Most dogs and cats have their litters at night in quiet, dark places far out of anyone's sight.  Besides, every litter of puppies and kittens born contributes to the thousands of unwanted dogs and cats who die every day across America in our nation's pounds and animal shelters.

Please have your pets spayed and neutered. To apply for spay neuter assistance, please click the link below:

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Are you a faithful Kroger shopper?  Have you registered your Kroger Card with the Kroger Community Rewards program?  If you haven't, it is EASY - follow these simple steps!

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Everytime you shop at Kroger's and use your Plus Card, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Humane Society of Washington County.  If you have been enrolled for a year, don't forget to re-enroll on Kroger's website under your account. 




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Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars Now

Interested in volunteering? Complete a Volunteer application and then attend an orientation. 
Orientations are held 
every Tuesday from 
5:00 - 6:00 PM 
Visit our Website for additional dates.

Dog Days Block Party

August 20 - 1-4:00PM located at 2101 W. Walnut Street.  Come out and see us.

Fund Raising 
Visit one of the 3 minute Express Car Washes and enter code 0911 and 30% will be donated to the Humane Society of Washington County.  August 1 - November 1


Have a Pint
Join us at Yee Haw Brewery on September 1 from 5-9 PM for pints, puppies and kittens.  For each pint you purchase Yee Haw donates $1.00.  How many pints can you drink?

Smokin' on SoHo
Located at Lake View Dock on South Holston Lake on Saturday, August 13.  This is a Benefit BBQ competition. We will be there with animals for adoption, t-shirts and Magnets.  

Thanks for subscribing and being part of our journey to a no-kill community.  Every day we receive requests from individuals needing to re-home their animal, or they find an animal on the side of the road, a litter of day old kittens are found without a mother and need to be bottle fed, litters of puppies are surrendered sometimes with their moms if still nursing, animals that are close to being euthanized at the shelter that we need to pull to keep them safe.  We strive never to say no and breaks our hearts if we have to say no.  Imagine 2-3 day old kittens in a box and you are the one who says yes they live or no they don't.  We say yes they live, we want to help them, but we need your help to do this.   Foster for us, it costs you nothing but a piece of your heart, can't foster, donate for the care of our foster animals. Please help us make a difference.



Lucinda Grandy, President
The Humane Society of Washington County