June 2016
Humanely Speaking
HSWCTN Newsletter

WOW, can you believe we are almost through half of 2016!  It's been a busy and exciting time for The Humane Society.  We have continued with our bi-monthly adoption events at Petsmart, we have had several other adoption events, we were honored to be chosen by The Garland Farms Crawfish Boil as their charity benefactor of their event, we had another successful Dogwood Cattail Ball, and thanks to a very generous supporter, we now have 3 full time employees at our office.  We have also been able to partner with some local businesses such as The Label, Yee Haw Brewery, Rita's and Fizz, to name a few, and receive community support thru them.  We receive no funding from the National Humane Society nor the ASPCA, so this support is vital for us to continue our work.  As the year continues to progress, we will be continuing our work in adoption, spay/neuter, and fostering and invite you to join us in whatever capacity you can; volunteering or monetary support, or both.

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Fostering Saves Lives
Fostering Homeless animals is a rewarding experience to both you and the animal in your care.  By opening up your home and your heart to a homeless animal you are giving them a chanc e to find a permanent home with a family who will love them forever.

Why should you consider fostering?
  • You are saving lives.  Every animal who goes into a foster home decreases the number of shelter pets euthanized each year.  It allows us to say yes to more owner surrenders and to pull more dogs and cats from our local shelters.
  • Fostering is temporary.
  • You can choose how to foster.  Only want to foster small dogs?  Prefer to look after kittens?  Can't foster more than a few months at a time?  We are flexible.
  • Fostering keeps animals out of shelters.  As nice as some shelters are, they can be pretty stressful from the noise of all the barking dogs.  There is nothing like the love of a family.  Animals in our foster homes are usually less stressed, better social skills and have less chance of getting sick than animals in the shelter.
  • There is no cost to the foster family.  The Humane Society of Washington County provides crates, blankets, food, veterinarian care and all medications.

So, the bottom line is, why not foster and help save a life or two?  There is no monetary cost but you will need to spend time with your foster fur baby and you most likely will lose a little piece of our heart when he/she goes to their new home, but trust me, you will feel wonderful about saving a life and be ready to say next!


For more information about fostering for The Humane Society of Washington County, please click the link below:


 I Want to Learn More 


Or if you are ready to get started, click a link below to apply to become a Foster Home:


Cat Foster Home Application            Dog Foster Home Application 

Happy Tails
From This
Spyro came to us at 3-1/2 months old with burns to his face, tail and ears.  He had encountered more pain and trauma than any living being should ever have to endure.  

To This
Today, Spyro is living in his furever home with his adoptive family, which just happens to be his foster family who fell in love with his sweet courageous loving spirit.  

Pets of the Month
Nancy - 3 Year Old Beauty
This beautiful sweet girl came to us with four nursing puppies.  She was a very loving and caring mother.  Her babies are all grown and have been adopted. Now it's Nancy's turn.  She is looking for her furever home.  She is almost house trained and will let her foster parents know when she needs to go outside.  Nancy gets along well with other dogs and all people, children and adults.  Her foster mom says she is really just the sweetest girl and will make someone a wonderful, furry friend for life.  She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations.  If you are interested in adopting Nancy, please click the link below for our adoption application.

Lilly - 2 Year Old Darling
This little girl didn't arrive alone.  She showed up with five 1 day old kittens and extremely frightened.  You might recognize her as a mama cat from our Facebook page.  Well, Lilly's kittens have gone and now this gentle soul is awaiting her furever home.  Lilly is a little shy, but very affectionate once she knows you.  She has such a gentle spirit; could you be her loving home?  
She is spayed, up to date on all vaccines and microchipped.  If you are interested in adopting Lilly, please click on the link below for our adoption application.

The most important thing that anyone can do to save the lives of cats and dogs is to spay and neuter them.  By spaying and neutering your pets thousands of animals will not be born.  You are preventing suffering and death due to overpopulation.  You are preventing thousands of animals from being euthanized in animal shelters for lack of a loving home.

Spaying and neutering truly makes a big difference. One unaltered male dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just six short years. A cat and her offspring can produce can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years.

Animals that have been sterilized live longer and happier lives.  Spaying a female eliminates the discomfort and stress that females endure during heat cycles, it greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer, and eliminates the risk of uterine cancer.  By neutering males, it makes them less likely to roam or fight, prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.  Also, an altered animal is less likely to contract deadly, contagious diseases, such as feline AIDS and feline leukemia.

Please have your pets spayed and neutered. To apply for spay neuter assistance, please click the link below:

Support While you Shop!
Kroger Community Rewards
Are you a faithful Kroger shopper?  Have you registered your Kroger Card with the Kroger Community Rewards program?  If you haven't, it is EASY - follow these simple steps!

  1. Visit this website
  2. Sign in to your online account or create an account.
  3. Scroll down until you find the orange "Enroll"
  4. Find The Humane Society of Washington County (#88662) and click Save!

Everytime you shop at Kroger's and use your Plus Card, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Humane Society of Washington County.



Amazon Smile  

 Do you shop on Amazon?  When you shop on Amazon, they give back to organizations LIKE US.  Want to get set up?  Follow the below instructions.


  1. Visit this website
  2. Search for The Humane Society of Washington County and click SAVE.
  3. That's it.  Start shopping.  While there, search for our WISH List and you can have the items shipped directly to us!


Fund Raising
Garland Farms Crawfish Boil

Each year the residents of Garland Farms does a Crawfish Boil for a local Charity.  This year we were honored to be the recipient, and wow what an awesome event! They raised $15,000.00 to support our foster, adoptions and spay neuter programs so that we may continue our life saving mission.

Dogwood Cattails Ball
The Dogwood Cattail Ball is the Humane Society's largest fund raiser of the year.  Many members of the community come together to enjoy a lively theme based event, this year The Great Catsby, and show their love and support of the Humane Society and our mission.  Scattered in among the dining and dancing is a moment of recognition for some deserving recipients.  Each year at the ball two awards awards are presented, The Outstanding Animal Award and the Pam Roe Humane Hero Award.  

Outstanding Animal Award 2016 - Staff Sergeant Arabella

The Outstanding Animal Award was presented to Staff Sergeant Arabella in recognition for her service in the U.S. Army.  She is a Belgian Malinois who will be 8 years old this year.  She and her handler, Army Sergeant Joseph Snodgrass patrol for and identify explosives to protect fellow soldiers from potential bombs planted in the soil.  Arabella and Snodgrass were deployed to Afghanistan in 2015 where they spent 9 months patrolling and working.  She was awarded the Army Achievement Medal upon return for helping to prevent injuries and accidents from explosives.  We would like to thank Lieutenant General Ronald V. Hite for securing the nomination.

The Pam Roe Humane Hero Award - Dr. Phil and Dr. Ann Ensminger

The Pam Roe Humane Hero Award was presented to Dr. Phil and Dr. Ann Ensminger because of their never-ending compassion for animals and their willingness to work with The Humane Society to treat hundreds of animals annually.  They work late hours, answer countless questions, and work around our schedules to assist us any time an animal has a need.  They have advised, assisted and treated animals for the Humane Society since it became an active organization in Washington County.  With their involvement in our low cost spay neuter program and by offering their own affordable spay/neuter program, they have helped save the lives of countless animals for people who could not afford these services otherwise.  When the Humane Society began its dog and cat foster programs they were instrumental to our success. 

Make plans to join us at next years gala on March 25, 2017, and help us to show some deserving animals "There's no place like home".

Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars Now
Volunteer Orientation

Interested in volunteering? Complete a Volunteer application and then attend an orientation. Dates listed below:
June 21,  5-6:00 PM
June 25, 11 AM - 12:00 PM
July 5,     5:-6:00 PM
Visit our Website for additional dates.

Petsmart Adoption Events

June 25 - 12:-5:00 PM

Fund Raising 
Pints for Paws Yee Haw Brewing  
July 7, 5-9:00 PM
For every pint, Yee Haw donates 1.00 back to the Humane Society.

One of my friends made a statement to me years ago, "It takes a village to become a No-Kill community."  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of those words.  It does take a village and we are on our way to building that village.   We would love to have you as a part of the village and help us stop the needless deaths of animals in our community. You can become a volunteer,  help us grow our foster base by becoming a foster family, set up a monthly donation amount, become a member of The Humane Society of Washington County, join our new Legislative Committee to help us change the animal laws within our county, or if you have other ideas you feel would be beneficial we would welcome your input.

We truly believe we can become a no-kill community, but we need you!  Join us and let's get this village built and save these precious lives.



Lucinda Grandy, President
The Humane Society of Washington County