February 19, 2013
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"The San Luis Downtown Association is a non-profit membership organization working-through programs, services and advocacy--for the economic, social, cultural and environmental vitality and beautification of Downtown."
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City Council member Dan Carpenter and brother Stan Carpenter.

The Downtown Association recently hosted the World Series Trophy Tour and raised just over $1,000 for the SLO City Parks and Recreation Junior Giants program.

More than 2,000 mostly orange-and-black-clad San Francisco Giants fans lined up along Higuera to view and take photos with the 2010 AND 2012 World Series trophies at Farmers Market last Thursday.  Thanks to the generosity of the owners of Davidson's Furniture-Bud and Wanda Davidson, Randy and Dan Salas and their families-an indoor venue inside the Davidson's Building was available this year enabling a better view of the gorgeous trophies and an opportunity for pre-viewing guests to make contribution to our local Junior Giants program as well as enjoy refreshments including delicious pizza donated by Fatte's Pizza. 

Thanks to all who volunteered, turned out and enjoyed the incredible Valentine's evening.

The SLO Downtown Association Board of Directors has decided to cancel its annual event "Taste of San Luisfor this year (2013).While the event was a major fundraiser for the organization in its heyday, over the past few years a decline in revenues and a proliferation of competing food and wine-styled events led to the decision to "take a breather" and look for alternative opportunities to raise funds for Design and Promotions programs.
The Board appreciates the high level of community support of the event over the 20 years since it began and also extends deep gratitude to the many food and beverage vendors - the heart and soul of the event - as well as sponsors, donors, suppliers and volunteers who greatly contributed to its success.The Downtown Association will continue its mission of delivering programs and activities that benefit its members while providing opportunities for the public to enjoy beautiful Downtown SLO.
It's a lot of work having fun but those who've served on the Promotions Committee say it's a great investment of time and a productive way to support Downtown

Responsible for all the major events of the organization including upcoming Concerts in the Plaza, Holiday Activities and special events at Farmers Market, the Promotions Committee works to support the Downtown Association's mission of creating an economically viable Downtown by attracting people into the City's core and providing unique tourism draws.

Therese Cron, Committee Chair, is happy to invite interested parties to sit in on a meeting or two and if interested, receive a committee member orientation prior to joining the group that meets twice monthly on the first and third Wednesday at 9 AM.

Membership is open to the public and the only qualification necessary is enthusiasm!

Downtown Foresters


The Downtown Foresters, celebrating seven years in action this spring, met on a  recent Saturday to provide their services to some trees in Downtown public areas sorely in need of a good trim.

The Foresters, whose motto is "Plant, Prune and Protect" the Downtown urban forest, is a subcommittee of the Design Committee plus one or two other lay volunteers who also enjoy working with the City's arborist to keep Downtown's trees tidy.  Often, people walking along the work sites will stop and ask what's going on; when we tell them what we're doing they are happily surprised.  The Foresters' goal is to assist City crews whose limits are tested both by the number of trees in our City and the small staff assigned to care for them.

Many thanks to City Arborist Ron Combs for volunteering his weekend time and to coach and oversee the group.

Board Elections


Look for your Board of Directors Ballot for the upcoming annual election in the mail.  Please take a few moments to read about the candidates and vote for those you feel would best represent the needs of Downtown as we move into the future with a new Strategic Plan and continued challenges and opportunities.  Those elected will serve two year terms (2013-2015) representing your needs and those of Downtown in general.  So please vote!

Warden Bridge Construction


warden bridge construction

The City of San Luis Obispo will begin repair work on the Warden Bridge at 757 Monterey Street located in Mission Plaza near the Network and behind the Warden Building this week and continuing through mid-April. Repair work is expected to take approximately eight weeks.  During that time access to the bridge from both sides will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Mission Plaza will remain open during construction. Access to the walkways along the creek will be open except in the construction area. Those exiting Creeky Tiki and Network businesses will need to do so at the Higuera Street entries. Barricades and fencing will be in place and post this information.

Project work will include much-needed repairs to the bridge deck and railing supports, removal of a large diseased Monterey Pine near the north end of the bridge and replacement of the bridge railing and the tree. This work is intended to result in a safer pathway for pedestrians crossing the bridge between the Mission and businesses on the Higuera Street side.

For more information contact Project Manager Mike McGuire at 783-7716 or email mmcguire@slocity.org.  


Phil Reimer (pictured) and Bobbi Calero Reimer, co-owners & coaches
1075 Court Street, Suite 202
805.459.5003 or 928.202.8002


Black Bicicletta Athletekture and Design is an indoor training, biomechanical fit studio, and coaching resource for cyclists, runners and triathletes. The studio name "Bicicletta" is Italian for cycling and is intended to capture cycling's European heritage. "Athletekture" is defined as the art and science of creating training programs for successful  athletic performance.

Coaches Phil Reimer and Bobbi Calero Reimer are passionate about coaching and have a wide variety of experience with novice and elite athletes, individuals and teams. Their accomplishments include Collegiate Southwest Regional Championships for Duathlon and top 30 National Collegiate ranking for USAT; Collegiate Southwest Regional Championships for mountain biking and top 10 Collegiate National for mountain biking; Second  Place finisher in Race across the West (RAW) and 2012 winner of the USAC 24 Hour mountain biking championship. All of their athletes have reached or exceeded their goals.

The studio, which has a new location in Downtown San Luis Obispo, will provide the same state-of-the art bike fits and power training environment that was provided at the original studio in Flagstaff, Arizona. Master certified bike fitter Phil Reimer can help you optimize the interface between you and your bike.

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By: Phil Reimer

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