Expanding Through the New Year

For over 15 years MATFORCE has been successful in implementing primary prevention throughout Yavapai County with the help of hundreds of amazing volunteers and a minimal administrative staff located in Prescott Valley. Through recent grants and opportunities MATFORCE is expanding.

Several recently awarded grants have allowed MATFORCE to expand services beyond Yavapai County to help implement primary prevention throughout Arizona. 

In 2019, the Yavapai Reentry Project (YRP), a project of MATFORCE, was awarded a grant from the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, State Opioid Response funding. Through this grant, YRP created a Community Reentry Project toolkit and recruited four counties throughout Arizona to replicate the success of the Reentry Project. With the latest grant renewal, YRP will add an additional 2 counties this year.

In October of last year, MATFORCE was awarded another grant from the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, State Opioid Response funding. The funding is to support the Substance Abuse Coalition Leaders of Arizona.  Through this grant, 23 prevention coalitions across the state will implement a statewide fentanyl and psychostimulant education campaign. The funding also allows for the creation of  5 substance abuse prevention coalitions in places identified as prevention deserts. 

Also awarded in October of last year, Trauma Lens Care (TLC), another project of MATFORCE and the Yavapai County Community Health Services, received funding from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family, Trauma Informed Primary Prevention (TIPP) Program. TLC will create a toolkit and train additional locations on the implementation of the program.

And finally, MATFORCE recently had the opportunity to partner with the Town of Camp Verde to expand to a second location for its administrative offices. MATFORCE will be leasing the long defunct Camp Verde Teen Center. This new office will house staff that predominantly work on the Verde side.

Moving forward with new staff, new locations, and new responsibilities brings the promise of an exciting new year for MATFORCE, it's volunteers, and staff. Thank you for all you do to help build healthier communities in Yavapai County and beyond!

TLC has continued to provide assistance for parents, caregivers and professionals involved in the lives of children from hard places through expanded resources and trainings. 

Trauma for Breakfast has a new podcast every two weeks that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma

In December, the Project supported 90 justice involved individuals with 17 new enrollments and 2 completions. 

Both professionally and personally, 2020 was full of challenges for everyone. Because of the people involved with this program this past year YRP was able to push forward through all the challenges and make a positive difference in others’ lives. Our volunteer Community Coaches continued to give of their time and wisdom without regard for money or personal gain. Simply giving because they care about the people in our community. Building on our coaches continued display of compassion and with the help of our Planning Committee members, MATFORCE and YRP staff, and especially Clarissa and Scott, YRP will continue to move forward in 2021.
SACLAz recently updated their logo. With a consensus from committee members, the new logo reflects the group's statewide focus while blending elements from the multiple cultures found in our state.

MATFORCE is honored to be a part of State Opioid Response funding awarded to the Substance Abuse Coalition Leaders of Arizona. Through this funding, contracts have been awarded to fund the following organizations to establish primary prevention coalitions in Apache Junction, Peach Springs, Glendale, Douglas, and Greenlee County.

Resources and Learning Opportunities