We celebrate our volunteer Board of Directors for their principled and compassionate leadership throughout their years of service. And we thank them for their dedication to supporting our mission of building healthier communities by reducing substance abuse in Yavapai County.
YRP is offering several programs  to educate the community on the challenges people returning from incarceration face. Community Coaches are still in high demand. But, it's important for community members to understand the barriers people experience when returning from incarceration. Register today to attend the From Inmate to Citizen workshop or Reentry Simulation: In Their Shoes  to learn more.
NEW RESOURCE: Did you know that the TalkNowAZ.com website is now available in Spanish? 

Coalitions around the state continue to implement resources from the Rise of Fentanyl toolkit. With the success of these resources and media campaign, the coalitions that make up SACLA are turning their focus to the methamphetamine problem. SACLA members are currently working to create resources for a methamphetamine toolkit to compliment the fentanyl resources already being disseminated in our communities.
TLC is a tool that officers can use to communicate to schools when a child has been exposed to trauma. As we have watched the program grow, we have recognized the need to provide an even more intensive tool for identifying and reporting traumatic experiences. TLC is working on a new web application that will lead officers through a series of checkboxes that are weighted indicators for abuse and child trafficking. If the score is found in the moderate or high risk zone, it then gives the officer a call to action.  

Trauma for Breakfast has a new podcast every two weeks that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma.
Resources and Learning Opportunities