Primary Prevention | Stopping Drug Use Before It Starts

The work of primary prevention is a cornerstone for building healthier communities. Implementing prevention strategies is both measurable in the amount of decrease in youth drug use, and immeasurable in the amount of youth who choose not to use substances. The amazing thing about primary prevention is the positive ripple effect it has in our communities, strengthening families, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and enriching youth development.

With the help of over 300 active volunteers MATFORCE continues to implement strategies through the lens of primary prevention, because we know that building a healthy community counts.  
The Trauma Lens Care program has expanded statewide, training new counties on implementation of this program. Nexus Coalition in Navajo County has been fully trained and AZYP staff in Mohave County have received the toolkit to start implementing the TLC strategies designed to focus on the needs of children from difficult places. 

Trauma for Breakfast has a new podcast every two weeks that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma.
With new staff in place, YRP continues to train counties across Arizona. The latest county to be trained was the Kodi Foundation in Pima County. They have received the toolkit and are in the beginning stages of implementing the toolkit.
With the help of 30+ coalitions across the state, The Rise of Fentanyl toolkit has been completed. It includes a wide range of resources on fentanyl, naloxone, youth resiliency building, and addressing stigma designed for drug prevention coalitions to implement in the communities they serve. Training and implementation of the toolkit will take place in April and continue through the summer.

Resources and Learning Opportunities