Perspective is Everything

Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative. We are bombarded with negative information every day. News outlets, social media, and texts can be overwhelmingly negative. Sometimes the good gets obscured through the message.

In 2016, the first Stand With Me, Be Drug Free campaign was launched. This is a positive messaging campaign that sprouted from the idea of one amazing volunteer who suggested we should flip our standard prevention messaging around on end. 

What does that mean? If 16% of Yavapai County youth use drugs regularly, then that means 84% don't use drugs. We decided to celebrate that majority number. And that's how Stand With Me, Be Drug Free Week was born.

This year looks different in a lot of ways, but there's still a lot of good in our world. Especially if we are willing to change our perspective.

Join us Saturday, March 27th at 10:00 am for our 5th annual Walk With Me, Be Drug Free event at Mortimer Farms in Dewey. It's free fun for the entire family!

TLC has continued to provide assistance for parents, caregivers and professionals involved in the lives of children from hard places through expanded resources and trainings. 

Trauma for Breakfast has a new podcast every two weeks that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma

YRP is growing! 2 new employees have been hired to assist in the expansion of the program. Jennifer Bracher has come on board to assist the Verde area participants. And Kendelle Wilkinson will be starting mid-February to bring administrative support to the program. YRP is also excited to announce the promotion of long time Program Assistant Clarissa Nelson to YRP Program Coordinator. 
The Substance Abuse Coalition Leaders of Arizona (SACLAz) are creating a host of tools to educate and increase awareness of deadly counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl that are in our communities. Tools being created include PowerPoint presentations for youth and adults, radio and TV commercials, billboard messages, fact sheets and social media messaging.  30 coalitions representing all 15 counties will launch the counterfeit fentanyl education campaign in April. The number of fentanyl deaths in Arizona continue to climb, alarming numbers of young people are dying. It is the goal of SACLAz for coalitions around the state to work together in order to create collective impact and to prevent drug use before it starts.

Resources and Learning Opportunities