Moving through Adversity with the Support of Community

As a primary prevention coalition, MATFORCE's focus is to prevent youth from ever starting to use harmful substances. Monumental events over the last year have made that mission even more challenging. Yet, we continue to move forward through the adversity with the help of our amazing volunteers, prevention partners, and staff.

What is MATFORCE doing about these issues? The same thing we have done since we started in 2005, with an established volunteer base, MATFORCE rallies the community to action. To bring a community to the point that it is ready and willing to change is a multi-step process. That first, most important step is raising awareness. 

MATFORCE strives to raise awareness about substance abuse issues and offers resources to help educate communities. It is at the core of what we have always done and will continue to do no matter what monumental events challenge us.
TLC has established two new projects during COVID-19 to assist parents, caregivers and professionals involved in the lives of children from hard places.

Trauma for Breakfast is a newly launched podcast that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma.

Two new video series for parents and teachers discuss skills and resources to work with children who have experienced trauma.
YRP is going strong in spite of the challenges presented by COVID-19. In November, the Project supported 48 justice involved individuals with 9 new enrollments. 

MATFORCE was honored to receive State Opioid Response funding to train six additional organizations in implementing a Community Reentry Project. The four organizations who are currently trained and implementing programming are the Re-Center in Navajo County, CareAz in Apache County, Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition and the Casa Grande Alliance.   

23 substance use prevention coalitions throughout Arizona are working together to develop and implement a counterfeit pills/fentanyl and psycho-stimulant prevention education campaign. In the past two weeks the 23 coalitions have hosted over 30 Community Forums to discuss substance use issues and to learn more from various sectors of the community. The information will be utilized to develop effective messaging and education. SACLAz was awarded a contract from Health Choice to receive State Opioid Response grant funds awarded through AHCCCS.
Resources and Learning Opportunities