June 14, 2019
What's new at the Foundation
A Note from our Executive Director
As we come to the end of this school year, we look back at a wonderful year of growth and change. Dr. Rosanna Mucetti has brought a fresh lens to our school district, encouraging a new level of strategic thinking and planning. Our organization has gained a number of new grants that support our Wellness and Work Based Learning initiatives and goals. We have developed new partnerships and worked to expand our Music Connection program. Our Taste for Knowledge fundraiser was the best one yet, and our donors and sponsors continue to support and trust our goals and vision.

In gratitude, our staff and board join me in thanking the community for a great year. This year, our organization topped the $1 million mark in fundraising, a goal that seemed far from reach when I joined the organization in 2014. I truly believe that an investment in education is an investment in our future. I thank you all for investing in our work and helping us make a difference!

Jennifer Stewart, MPA
Executive Director 
Spencer Colton Gold Star Teacher Grants
In 1983, the Foundation was started to help funnel dollars into classrooms. Since 1983, we have gifted more than $1.5 million in "teacher grants" that support classroom innovation and learning. This year, our $20,000 investment has produced some amazing prog rams, projects and results!  

Stephanie Trott at Redwood Middle School reports that her tech-infused program helped students learn about the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. "Students initially earned, across all classes, an average of 63% on vocabulary quizzes. Over time, with the ease of implementation and practice, students scores increased to over 81% mastery. This achievement was reflected in their learning, to include participation in whole class discussions, Socratic Seminars, debates and, most importantly, during the mock Supreme Court hearings. Additionally, students participated in a Q&A Session with Superintendent, Dr. Mucetti, RMS's principal, Maryanne Christoffersen and Congressman Mike Thompson. Finally, students also had an opportunity to present oral arguments in a Napa County Superior Court courtroom. All of these events were supported by the vocabulary necessary to engage in these real world settings. This platform was a tremendous support in my classroom; I cannot thank you enough for awarding my project(s) this grant."

What an honor to watch the Spencer Colton grants be so successful! Thank you to all our innovative awardees for their excellent work this year!
Business Partner Testimonial:
Arntz Builders, Inc.
"Arntz Builders, Inc. appreciates the strong partnership with Napa Valley Unified School District. Their solution oriented approach to construction projects keep things moving in an industry where time is money. We try to highlight our support for NVUSD by competitive pricing on capital projects and participation and sponsorship of all Napa Valley Education Foundation events. The events are a positive outlet for our project team members to both give back and have fun. Many of our employees live locally and appreciate the opportunity to meet and network with other like minded community members. The foundation continues to highlight their commitment to education excellence and show the positive impact it has on the Napa youth." -David Arntz, VP, Arntz Builders
Napa Valley Education Foundation is proud to have Arntz Builders, Inc. as a
valued Business Partner!
Business Partner Testimonial:
Atlas Peak Construction
"Atlas Peak Construction is a small local family owned construction business specializing in grading, paving, and underground utility installation. The current company was started in 1997, and have a combined work force of approx. 10 to 15 people including equipment operators, laborers and truck drivers. We started working with the NVUSD approx. 12 years ago completing numerous projects. My son Dan was enrolled in the Napa school system starting at Vichy Elementary school in 1990, and we currently have 2 grand children enrolled at this time. It has always been our goal to invest in the younger generation and couldn't think of a better way than investing into the school system. Prior to donating to the NVEF we were donating each year to individual schools and it was suggested by Don Evans to also donate to the Napa Valley Education Foundation and we are glad he did. Keep up the good work." - Danny McLean, President, Atlas Peak Construction
Napa Valley Education Foundation is proud to have Atlas Peak Construction as a
valued Business Partner!
Program Spotlight: Music Connection
Music programs are important cornerstones to a child’s education, healthy development and sense of self. Serving more than 4,000 students each year, our NVUSD elementary school music program foster a love of music that may last a lifetime. The Foundation provides no and low cost rentals to students on the free/reduced lunch program; we provide an annual grant to the music program to support supplies and professional development; and we run clinics, camps and Vertical Articulation days to build engagement and experiential learning opportunities for youth.
Make NVEF Your Charity of Choice on Amazon Smile
Your Amazon purchases can benefit Napa students! After designating Napa Valley Education Foundation as your charity of choice (it's only necessary to make this designation one time), your eligible Amazon purchases will support our Napa students and programs! Be sure to log in to  smile.amazon.com  every time you shop Amazon. Thank you for your support!"

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