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 Thursday, November 29, 2018
Rector's Musings
Advent marks the beginning of a new Church Year. The Church’s year begins four weeks before the birth of Jesus, a period designed to allow time to prepare. In a culture when Christmas is celebrated as a non-stop commercial season from Black Friday onwards, the older rhythms of preparing with anticipation seem quaint.

Quaint they may be, yet the Church’s seasons speak of an older wisdom about the rhythms of life. The modern world of instant gratification means effectively that gratification is reduced to a momentary experience, no sooner achieved then forgotten. The cumulative result is that we are never satisfied. Real satisfaction is the fruit of anticipation, preparation, and of course the most difficult emotional state of all – waiting.

Tolerating the experience of waiting is a process of becoming better oriented to God’s activity in the world around us. Becoming better oriented is measured in degrees of living generously. In addition to our yearlong programs... (continue reading HERE).
This Week
Tea & Cookies Get-together!
The Knitting Ministry will meet from 12:30-3:30 pm. Please bring a Secret Santa gift ($10 max). Please RSVP to
KidZone Outreach 2018!!
All donations for toiletries kits are due by December 9.
'Open Your Heart' Advent
DCYF Project

The last day to return gifts is December 16.

Nursery/Church School at 9:30 am with
a visit from St. Nicholas!
JANE ADLER from The Providence Village will speak during announcements about the organization and its opportunities.
ADVENT FESTIVAL with Advent wreath making
10:30 am (and pageant sign-ups)
$10 for wreath-making materials
WSG (Women’s Spirituality Group) at 6:30 pm (note time change)

AUREA Concert at 7 pm
"A Child's Christmas in Wales"
Go to  http://aureaensemble.org for more information.

Youth “Skip Church” Breakfast 9:30 am
The Thrifty Goose will host Coffee Hour!
Coffee hour will be served outside the entrance to the Thrifty Goose. The Goose volunteers have been working hard and having lots of fun rearranging and revamping our thrift store. See you at the Goose!

EVENSONG at 4:30 pm