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 Thursday, October 31, 2019
Moses Brown 4th graders on their annual visit to St. Martin's! Photo by David Brookhart
A Thin Time 
The arrival of November was understood by our Celtic forebears as a thin time when they experienced an increased permeability of the membrane separating the spiritual and temporal (time and space) dimensions. Consequently, this was the time of the year when they expected the souls of the dead to pass more easily through the membrane into this dimension; for them a fearful prospect hence the practice of face-painting and dressing in disguise to avoid being recognized by the dead. Halloween and All Saints-All Souls is the Christianization of this pagan Celtic festival.
All Saints is like flipping a coin. Heads the joyful celebration of All Saints November 1 st.  Tails the commemoration of the departed or All Souls on November 2 nd. All Saints is a joyful expectation of an expansive experience following biological death of resting in the love of God. However, for us, death is accompanied by the emotions of grief and sorrow. The Christian Tradition in its wisdom recognizes that within the larger joyful celebration of all the saints, room must also be made for the human experience of loss at a death.
St Martin’s follows the current practice in most Episcopal Churches of transferring All Saints- All Souls to the following Sunday. This has the advantage of linking the celebration with a greater number of people’s Sunday observance. But it loses the more meditative reflection on the transitory nature of physical life -captured by a separate commemoration of All Souls.

The reading of the year’s mind is a remembering of the names of those whose deaths are recorded in our parish funeral register during the previous 12 months and is normally observed on All Saints Day. This Sunday is Bishop Nicholas’ annual visitation and we will read the names of those who have died in the past year in the Prayers of the People at
8 am only. At 9:30 am Bishop Nicholas will confirm and receive four members of the parish into communion with him as members of the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Nicholas comes to St Martin’s but once a year. Therefore, can I encourage all of you who are regular communicants to be in church this Sunday? Many of us are less regularly in church on Sunday - an inevitable reflection of the more complex patterns of modern life. As your Rector, I know that even when you are not present in church you remain deeply committed to our common life together. However, it’s more difficult for Bishop Nicholas to gauge this subtlety. It’s not that I want us to make a good impression, although I do want this. More importantly, as one of the most vibrant and energetic parishes in his diocese, I would like us to be an encouragement to him as he experiences the fullness of our joyful energy and spiritual vitality in worship.

This year, All Saints Sunday is an even more important day to see you all in Church!
Thanksgiving Day Dinner

As many of you already know, Gail Peet and Elke Moonan have stepped down as the key organizers of the St Martin's Thanksgiving Day Dinner after some 30 plus years of faithful service to this event. We have had no shortage of volunteers keen to continue the tradition, yet, no one has stepped into the huge shoes vacated by Gail and Elke as principal organizers. Therefore, this year, we will not be able to host the Thanksgiving Day Dinner, which I realize will be upsetting news for many people for whom this event brought joy on Thanksgiving Day. Sad as I am to have to make this announcement - I say only for this year in the hope that someone or a small committee of persons may find themselves able to take on this event next year.
Cottage Meetings Fall 2019

Please RSVP as soon as possible for the following four meetings which are coming up quickly. Call or email the office today.

Friday, November 1 6:00 pm – Supper/during 20’s and 30’s group at Susan and Ray Esposito’s home in Providence

Sunday, November 3 5-6:30 pm – Cocktails at Michael and Mary DiSandro’s home in Rumford

Tuesday, November 5 6-7:30 pm – Cocktails at Jaye Tyler and Lisa Ballou’s home in Providence

Friday, November 8 6-7:30 pm – Cocktails at David and Linda Brookhart’s home in Cumberland

Friday, November 15 5:30-7 pm – Cocktails at Paul Bergeron’s home in Edgewood

Space is limited at some of the meetings. Please RSVP to Susan in the church office sesposito@stmartinsprov.org or 401-751-2141 or sign up in the back of the church on Sunday morning.

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