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Home Coming Sunday!
September 8th,
ONE service at 9:30 am
Church Wardens Late Summer Update

Church Renovation Work

·        This continues and is pretty much on schedule with final competition anticipated before the winter.
·       Together with Peter Lofgren we meet every Tuesday morning with the contractors. Peter meets almost daily to supervise.
·     The full slide show presentation on the work can be viewed here with a shorter version appearing on the electronic screen in the atrium.

  • In brief summary: masonry and flashing work on the east and west ends of the sanctuary is completed, the stone retaining wall on the North side has been repaired, the parapet stones on top of the bell tower have been removed and replacements are being made, plastering in the Chapel and Church will now be delayed until early October due to our weddings schedule.
  • As with any renovations of a 100-year-old structure as the work progresses new issues are identified and need to be dealt with. As an example: the leaded windows in the lower sacristy have developed leaks that need to be addressed, and the flashing on the chimney over the Parish house needs repair. These items are best attended to while we have the necessary tradesmen on site.

Mothers Morning Out (preschool)

  • The preschool is primarily responsible for building the new play yard in the recently cleared NW section of the campus beyond the Memorial Garden.
  • The Parish is helping with certain items such as the landscaping of the new play yard and changes in the Memorial Garden completed under Mary Worrell’s expert guidance.

Orchard Place

  • In order to comply with the Fire Code, we are building a shed (actually a very nice shed) in the old play yard along Orchard Place under the kitchen windows.
  • To make greater use of this small parcel of land we have had the yew hedge removed and this will be replaced with a picket fence at a future date

Staffing and Administration Changes

  • Sexton changes: Mario Costa resigned in late spring,and David Ely is now working three weekdays in addition to his role as Sunday Sexton. Ian Tulungen, currently a student covers the other two days each week. Each Friday the Church and Great Hall and reception areas are cleaned commercially in preparation for Sundays. We have been able to make these changes and stay within budget!
  • Following our summer review of office functions and staff roles, we are now interviewing for a new part time position of Events and Communications Coordinator. This will greatly enhance our events and facilities advertising, event management, communications & public relations across mixed media.
  • By September we will begin the move to an integrated cloud based software system for membership directory & record keeping, data management, and communications.

It's been a busy summer!

Remember to mark September 8th for Homecoming
& our 2019-20 Program year!

Any questions, please ask:
jhbracken3@gmail. com. 401-864-5186;
davidbrookhart@cox.net. 401-633-2350.
Church Wardens

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