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 Thursday, January 10, 2019
January 13 Evensong
4:30 PM
Rector's Musings

My main focus in this week’s column is to share news about certain staff changes. On January 27th at the Annual Meeting we will honor the retirement of both Missy Bennett and Gordon Partington. Missy has served as financial administrator since 1975. Gordon has in one capacity or another been involved with taking care of our buildings since 1955. Both represent not simply loyal and faithful service to the parish, but their retirement marks a huge transition in the continuity of our collective memory. Fortunately, both have indicated that they will remain available to fill in the institutional memory gaps that will inevitably open up, but we will no longer have their wisdom and skill contributing to the day-by-day management of the parish. I am deeply grateful to have had their support during my transitioning into the parish as rector. I cannot express how much I will miss the inexhaustible good will of their institutional as well as their personal support.

Melinda Del Chioppio is to be our new financial administrator. Again we are hugely fortunate to have someone of Melinda’s financial, organizational, and spiritual experience. Over the last couple of months Melinda and Missy have managed, seamlessly it seems to me, what might otherwise have been a tricky role transition. With respect to a replacement for Gordon - John Bracken, Peter Lofgren, and I have decided on a period of assessment to see exactly how we might best fill the vacancy left by Gordon because in truth, there is no one out there who will be able to simply step into his shoes.  

I trust that many of you who have over the years appreciated Missy and Gordon will be able to celebrate their retirement with us on Sunday, January 27 th .

I can now report on new developments in our music program, which have been incubating since last September. At St. Martin’s, for the last 62 years, one person ... read on
Annual Meeting
ONE Service only at 9:30 am

followed by brunch and the Annual Meeting. We will also celebrate the long-time ministry of Missy Bennett and Gordon Partington who retired at the end of the year.


Senior Warden   John Bracken
Junior Warden   David Brookhart
Treasurer   Mary Gray
Clerk   Amy Stewart

Members at Large
Susan Allen, Karen Ng, David Whitman

Convention Delegates
Mary Jane Pagan + TBD

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