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 Thursday, October 11, 2018
Rector's Musings
At 4:30 pm, on the second Sunday in the month, starting this coming Sunday, we will begin Choral Evensong as part of our monthly schedule of services. You can learn more by clicking here for more information. While working within our current musical resources, the addition of Choral Evensong will add $200 to our monthly music costs and so the generous support of those who love Choral Evensong is appreciated.

Sunday, October 21 st marks the kick-off of two important programs:
1.      the Annual Renewal Campaign (ARC)
2.      the Social Justice Bible Challenge.

I will speak more about the ARC in next week’s message. But in the meantime, you can find out more about it by clicking here.

What does the phrase social justice mean? In this coming Sunday’s gospel taken from chapter 10 in Mark’s gospel we parachute into a conversation between Jesus and a young man who asks Jesus: what must I do to inherit eternal life?

His question identifies this young man as faithful, but also caught in a familiar spiritual tension. The Commandments lay out only what not to do. However, the young man suspects there is something-more required of him than simply refraining from committing sin. He seems unclear what the something-more looks like and his question might be better reframed as: is obeying the Commandments enough to inherit eternal life? A question indeed!

Jesus commends him for faithfully keeping the Commandments and then addresses the core of his question - in effect telling him that faith without action is not enough. Jesus asks him to commit himself to action that furthers the divine desire for social justice. The young man goes away troubled for his longing for a deeper relationship with God is not strong enough to overcome his worldly fears.

The Social Justice Bible Challenge, is a 40-day reading program that bridges the gap between knowing the Bible and living it. For those of us already heavily invested in the world of social justice, the daily meditations will connect our compassion to God’s Word. For others among us, who like the young man in Mark 10 already take Scripture seriously, the readings, questions, and prayers will help us to shape a renewed vision for action. A few books are still available from the office otherwise order from Amazon.smile noting that our charitable designation is St Martin’s Parish.

Like the young man who comes to Jesus with his heartfelt question, we too long to do the right thing. Jesus reminds him and us that the right thing lies in the pursuit of God’s goal of social justice. It’s here we encounter the longed-for deeper sense of connection and fulfillment.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on this earth as it is already in heaven.

See you in church on Sunday.

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