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 Thursday, October 10, 2019

On Tuesday evening we had a great turn out of hosts, facilitators, and scribes to the cottage gathering training with Maurice Seaton, our Capital Campaign consultant. Maurice laid out the process for the facilitated cottage gatherings as the central focus for our discernment phase, the first of two preparation phases in anticipation of a Capital Campaign in 2020. It was wonderful to feel the energy levels in the room rise as people discovered that they had all the skills needed to make the cottage gatherings a great success.

October 22nd is the launch date for these gatherings. Some will be small hospitality events in people’s homes, providing an opportunity for couples who choose to, to attend a gathering together. We will also make use of the scheduled affinity group meetings: Women’s Spirituality Group, Gander, or the newly formed 20-30’s Group for a facilitated discussion process. There will also be a brunch at church during the Sunday forum slot where we will offer extended childcare for those of you with young children so you can be freed up to attend.

These facilitated cottage gatherings will encourage us to share our experience of St Martin’s around four key questions: 
1.      Why did you come to St Martin’s?
2.      What do we do well and what could we, or would you like to, do more of?
3.      What building and development improvements would you like to see emerging from a
capital campaign?
4.      What is your vision for our future?

A scribe will record the general themes of the group discussion while ensuring that personal anonymity is protected.

After five years as your rector, I do not doubt that laying good foundations for a successful Capital Campaign in 2020 is well within our grasp. The need to move forward with this is exactly the kind of divine nudge-invitation we need to focus our attention, stimulate our enthusiasm, and spur us to move to the next stage of our spiritual journey together.

In Making All Things New , Henri Nouwen wrote: “ To set our hearts on the kingdom therefore means to make the life of the Spirit within and among us the center of all we think, say, or do”.  

Our love of God is the source for all our loves in life. Experiencing God-in-community provides both an anchor as well as a direction finder– choose your metaphor - to help us in the difficult task of prioritizing the competing demands that afflict us in our over scheduled lives. The spiritual focal point of God-in-community is an aspect of what Nouwen means by the kingdom. God-in-community is an active experience of searching for the indefinable something more for our lives. That indefinable something more is not only an expression of our unrequited longing in life - but is actually the experience of God’s targeted longing for us - flowing into our often overly cautious and too anxious lives.

Welcome everyone, to the discernment process. Check out the facilitated gathering details listed in this E-News and please sign up.

Don’t forget to look out for one another in church, this Sunday.

Cottage Meetings Fall 2019

Tuesday, October 22 6:15 pm – Dinner/during GANDER (men’s group) at Dana Welshman’s home in Barrington 

Saturday, October 26 6:30 pm – Dinner at Dana and Elizabeth Welshman’s home in Barrington

Sunday, October 27 11:00 am – Brunch at St. Martin’s in the KidZone, childcare provided

Sunday, October 27 6:00 pm – Potluck/during Women’s Spirituality Group at Susan Allen’s home in Providence

Tuesday, October 29 5:30 pm – Cocktails, 6:00 pm meeting, 7:00 pm optional dinner at Rick and Mary Worrell’s home in Providence

Friday, November 1 6:00 pm – Supper/during 20’s and 30’s group at Susan and Ray Esposito’s home in Providence

Sunday, November 3 5-6:30 pm – Cocktails at Michael and Mary DiSandro’s home in Rumford

Tuesday, November 5 6-7:30 pm – Cocktails at Jaye Tyler and Lisa Ballou’s home in Providence

Friday, November 8 6-7:30 pm – Cocktails at David and Linda Brookhart’s home in Cumberland

Friday, November 15 5:30-7 pm – Cocktails at Paul Bergeron’s home in Edgewood

Space is limited at some of the meetings. Please RSVP to Susan in the church office sesposito@stmartinsprov.org or 401-751-2141 or sign up in the back of the church on Sunday morning.

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