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Rector's Musings
The great feedback about the new E-News format is still coming in, so thanks for that. Having positive feedback helps us to know we are moving in the right direction.

In Listen! Wisdom’s still speaking, I addressed the passage from Proverbs 31:10 A capable wife, who can find? We are living through a very contested time with regard to a renegotiation of the gender power balance. It’s always a surprise to find new and supportive interpretations of Scripture that speak directly to our 21 st century questions.

On Homecoming Sunday, I posed a need to grow our numbers as our most pressing priority. Evangelicals are highly motivated by their belief that saving souls is a matter of life and death – literally so. Given this urgency, they do not hold back. Recognizing that Episcopalians are not comfortable with either showing or sharing our faith, I am thinking that the use of small groups is a tool to enable us to invite others into the experience of our faith community life without appearing too churchy.

For Episcopalians, salvation is a word we don’t often use or think about because for us salvation is not a matter of getting a personal ticket to ride the heaven-bound express. In response to the old chestnut “are you saved?” we answer yes, and you can read more about why we say yes here.

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