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 Thursday, December 13, 2018
Rector's Musings
The New Testament writers took very seriously the expectation of Christ’s second coming. Because these writers of the New Testament believed that Christ would return any day now – to complete the work begun, their imperative was to be ready. Here we are 2000+ years later and Jesus has not yet returned in triumph to judge the world. I have lived most of my professional Christian life, treating the Parousia - the theological word for Christ’s return, as a form of early Christian wishful thinking.

Journeying back in time we would discover that traditionally, Advent focused on the Four Last Things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell –
a rather grim message. Beginning in the 20 th-century mainstream Christians
re-framed Advent as an exploration of faith, love, and hope, within the existential struggle of waiting. This Advent, I have found myself asking the question – yes waiting – certainly the most difficult of all human experiences - but waiting for what?

Psychologically, we don’t thrive well in a vacuum created by a sense of endless possibilities. As any parent knows read on

This Week - Advent 3
Friday, December 21 at 5:30 pm
“Blue Christmas” Service with Healing
For the Sorrowful in a Season of Joy – Grace Note singers will be with us.

Friday, December 21
“Blue Christmas” Service with Healing Prayers at 5:30 pm
(see above)

Saturday, December 22
Epiphany Soup Kitchen at 2 pm

Sunday, December 23, Advent IV
8 am : Holy Eucharist and Sermon
9:30 am : Holy Eucharist, Choir and Sermon

Monday, December 24
Christmas Eve
4 pm : Holy Eucharist and
Christmas Pageant
9 pm : “Midnight” Mass
Tuesday, December 25
Christmas Day
9:30 am : Holy Eucharist with sermon
but no music

Sunday after Christmas December 30
One Service
9:30 am : Holy Eucharist with
Lessons & Carols


Contribution envelopes will be available at the back of the church
‘Open Your Heart’ DCYF Gifts
are due this Sunday
9:15 am Nursery   
9:30 am KidZone in Church
Children are singing!
Community Carol Sing-Along at 3 pm followed by Christmas goodies in the Great Hall
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