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From the Chairman, The Mulloon Institute

One dictionary definition for "ovation" is "celebrate a triumph". While that might overstate matters slightly, we certainly think our work (and being declared a State Landcare Champion!) is certainly something we should celebrate and shout about so many more people know just what we are achieving.

L-R: Peter Hazell (MCLRP Project Coordinator), Richard Allsopp (Board Member) and Martin Royds  (Advisory Council Member). 

NSW State Landcare Champions

The NSW Landcare Conference and Awards night was held during October in Albury and The Mulloon Institute (TMI) was represented by Peter Hazell during the Conference and TMI Director, Richard Allsopp attended the Awards dinner. Also in attendance was Advisory Council member, Martin Royds, who was there in his own right.
Our Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project (MCLRP) was declared a State Landcare Champion in the Australian Government sponsored "Excellence in Sustainable farm Practices" category. This is wonderful recognition of the great work we are doing and you can read more about the award  HERE.
Regenerating Australia

A second reason for an "ovation" in October was the release of our document "Regenerating Australia". This is the document I mentioned last month that we have been developing to use to tell our story and the advantages of regenerating catchments. It is an excellent document with input from our total team and is already getting lots of interest as we distribute it at every opportunity. You can see for yourself HERE (5MB) and would appreciate you forwarding it to interested people and particularly potential donors to TMI.

A third reason for "ovation" is the ongoing success of our workshops. I mentioned last month that our November workshop was fully subscribed and that people were coming from Queensland and Victoria. What I didn't know then was that we also have participants from Tasmania and South Australia! The value of these workshops in conjunction with Tarwyn Park Training is becoming known throughout the nation and we are very proud of that.
As mentioned last month the November workshop participants will also get the benefit of our "How to" Guide prepared by Peter Hazell and Cam Wilson with graphic design and layout done by Kelly Thorburn. This will be a wonderful aid to workshop attendees and we intend to send copies to previous workshop participants to help with their ongoing implementation work. The guide is called "Landscape Rehydration - Theory & Practice". Another reason for an "ovation"!

Image by Antony Mulhall 2017
Frogwatch: Baseline Frog Surveys & Training

On Saturday 28 October the Mulloon Home Farm was the venue for a "Frogwatch" event with about 40 people, including many children, out finding frogs. They had a very enjoyable evening, discovered all sorts of different species and as a result will add to our comprehensive data on diversity within the Mulloon Catchment. 

Thanks go to Anke Maria from Ginninderra Frogwatch and all the Mulloon Team (led by Luke with Donna) making sure everything was organized on the ground. The Spotted Marsh Frog, Peron's Tree Frog and the Whistling Tree Frog are just three of the many species heard during the night. I'm also reliably informed that many of the children proved to be a bit sharper than their parents! Thank you all to the many volunteers involved. The Mulloon Institute gives you all a standing "ovation"! See the photos  HERE.
Mulloon Consulting, Contracting & Certifying

And a final "ovation" is for the establishment of Mulloon Consulting, Contracting & Certifying (MCCC). I'll say more about this next month as strictly speaking it is all happening in November but suffice to say we see some wonderful opportunities to take our innovative work to the broader community. And the mechanism to do that will be MCCC. More to come in my November update.
All the best to everyone and many thanks for your ongoing support.


Gary Nairn AO
The Mulloon Institute, Chairman


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