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Lake Superior Native Herring by Tim Pearson

Happy July! What a wonderful month to come up to Grand Marais! Warm days and cool nights, town is abuzz with visitors, and the Grand Marais Arts Festival is just around the corner - July 12-13. Plan your trip up to the Art Colony today! 

Summer Highlights
Summer in the Spotlight Gallery
If you weren't able to join us for our June Spotlight artist, Warren MacKenzie, you can check out the photos here.

July featured artist is painter, Tim Pearson. His work will be up in the Spotlight Gallery through the end of July
Tim is a painter from Silver Bay who draws much of his inspiration from animals and nature, such as the herring above. Tim's work will be up through the end of the month. 

Free Weekly Summer Activities

Fridays in the Studio 
Join us for studio talks and experience first-hand, a professional working arts studio.  Presentations will rotate each week between studio spaces and mediums.
Saturday Historical Tours
Did you know that the Art Colony was established over 65 years ago?  Learn about our rich history and hear stories about its evolution since 1947.  As you tour the facilities you will see artists at work and discover how you can become part of our creative community.  

July Class Highlights

Sunday, July 13 | 9am-noon
Tuition: $50

July 19-20 | 9am-4pm | 2 days
Tuition: $190 | Supply Fee: $39

July 26-27 | 9am-4pm | 2 days
Tuition: $150

Featured Instructor | Bonnie Cutts
Grand Marais Art Colony Instructor, Bonnie Cutts, is an acrylic painter whose paintings are full of rich color, texture, and abstraction.

Classes offered by Bonnie Cutts: 

July 15 | 6pm | Free | registration required

July 16-18 | 3 days | Tuition: $285 | Supply Fee: $44

July 19-20 | 2 days | Tuition: $190 | Supply Fee: $28

You have mentioned in your bio that you have gone through several stages in your artistic journey. Talk about a few of your major influences along the way. 
My work is currently inspired by neuroimaging, digital images of brain neurons. It was initially images of the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory as one of it's functions, but I have since moved on from there to look at all sorts of cells. I was first introduced to brain slices by my son who studies neuroscience. On a trip home from college my son was in my studio and when looking at my paintings he said he had to show my something.  He called up a website that showed digital images, confocal microscopy, of brain cells that were bright, colorful and highlighted individual neurons and connecting 'wiring.' The images were from a series of Nature articles published by a group from Harvard. The digital images resonated with the paintings I was working on to both of us, although I had never seen the digitals before. It has since inspired me to seek out more neuroimages to look at. I continue to research information on the brain and look at digital images of the brain, and am passionate about the connection between art and science; and art and healing. 

Persistence, 18" x 48"

You have been a part of several exhibits this past year. Can you talk about one of them?
My exhibit at Robbin Gallery with Cynthia Starkweather-Nelson this past spring stands out for me. We have exhibited together in the past but I really felt this show exemplified what a cohesive conversations our paintings have with each other. Although our imagery and applications of paint materials are very different, the work really sings when hung together. I was so pleased with how the paintings looked together that during a hike along the Temperance River I proposed a collaborative painting for our exhibit this fall at the Ames Center in Burnsville. We are currently working on a six panel painting. 

Tell us about an artists' work that inspires you.
That is a hard question to answer as there are so many great artists. I admire people who devote their lives to creating art and sharing what they know with others. A few years ago I attended a lecture by Harmony Hammond at the U of M. She showed some slides of her artwork during the presentation. I was really impressed with and connected to the multiple panel, very textural paintings she was producing in early 2002-2008. They are bold, textural, and inviting. I am presently learning about watercolor painting and came across British artist Alf Lohr when searching for images of contemporary watercolorists. His work is very large, flowing, beautiful, quite impressive and admirable. And I love Hazel Belvo for her lifelong artistic quest and the calm mentoring person she has always been. Her presence is soothing and conversations with her are always stimulating. She continues to paint and exhibit her amazing paintings for all of us to enjoy. 

Talk about your own teaching style and what components you like to bring into the classroom. 
I like my classes to be fun as well as educational. I want students to learn about acrylic materials and the numerous techniques so they can walk away with lots of information to use in future artwork. I want students to try things they have never done before and find that ah-ha moment when they discover something new. I love sharing information with others -no secret recipes-I am willing to share whatever I know. I don't expect students to make next month's competition piece in class, but am pleased to know they will leave with information for making that next piece of art. I want to offer students tools to get them going on what they do best: make their own artwork as they learn new painting skills. 

Over the past ten or so years have you seen new trends pop up in the world of acrylics?
Yes, there have been many new trends in the acrylic world over the years. There are many more materials that allow one to do more with acrylics. With mixed media bigger than ever, I see all sorts of materials and textures applied as collages. We can now print inkjet prints directly onto anything we can run through the printer. We can do all sorts of transfer techniques and make use of a wide variety of textures that can be painted on. A slower drying acrylic paint called OPEN is also now available, allowing for more oil-like applications. Golden Acrylics is also making High Flow acrylics which is like an acrylic ink but since it is acrylic paint, it is intermixable with all the other acrylic materials. You can load it into a refillable marker and draw with it as well as use it as airbrush paint, pour it, brush it, or use it with a calligraphy pen. Technically there is more information available to us so we have more resources to draw from if we have questions on how to do something. It just gets more fun.

Grand Marais
Arts Festival
July 12-13
Join us for the 24th annual arts festival featuring fine art, demos, art activities, and live music.

74 Artist booths are located on Wisconsin Street in downtown Grand Marais; just feet from the Lake Superior Shore

Instructor, Mike Swindlehurst, will show you the ropes of screenprinting as you print your own t-shirt or tote bag!

Make sure to stop by the Art Colony booth for the Clothesline Art Sale! It is a fundraiser for the Art Colony & features 5 x 7 works of art for $35.


Plein Air 
Grand Marais
support | observe | learn

September 5-12

September 12-28

2014 Juror
Bonnie Paruch

Take a Class with Bonnie:

September 13, 14 & 15 (optional third day)
Tuition: $190 or $285
Call for Artists...

Call for Artists
Minnesota State Fair is seeking entries for the State Fair Fine Arts Competition. Due Date: July 7

Call for Artists
The Duluth Art Institute is seeking entries for the 60th Arrowhead Regional Biennial. Due Date: July 15

Call for Artists
Calhoun Square is seeking submissions for public permanent installations. Due Date: July 30

Call for Artists
Forecast Public Art is seeking artists for a public art demonstration project. Due Date: August 5
The Grand Marais Art Colony is always seeking volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. Please contact: 

ARAC Grant Info Session at the Art Colony
The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council is coming to the Art Colony on Thursday, July 17, 2-3:30pm.

They will be hosting an informational session about their new online grants application process. They will also provide information and give guidance on applying for the following grants: Art Project Grants, Community Arts Learning, Technology/Equipment, Grant for Individual Artists.

More Grants
Springboard Center for the Arts Grant Calendar: click here

Do you have a volunteer, grant or employment opportunity? Send info to:
Since 1947 the Grand Marais Art Colony has provided artist services, classes and events and nurtured fine art on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Your support is vital to the organization. 

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