No regular in-person gatherings of any kind are to be held at least through May 17th.“
Sunday, May 3
8:30 am Cornerstone and Roundtable Class, Zoom
9:30 am Connexion Worship, Facebook Live
11:00 am Sanctuary Worship, Facebook Live and FM 96.7
4:00 pm Foundation Board Meeting, Zoom
5:00 pm First Youth, Zoom
6:00 pm Administrative Board Meeting, Zoom
Monday, May 4
2:00 pm Staff Meeting, Zoom
Wednesday, May 6
5:30 pm Evening Prayer, Facebook Live
7:00 pm The Enneagram Journey, Zoom
8:00 pm Youth Bible Study, Zoom
Thursday, May 7
6:30 pm Why? Making Sense of God’s will Class, Zoom