Deuteronomy 6:4-7
Children are the Future Church!
As your Conference Coordinator of Children's Ministry, I am here to support, advocate, educate, equip, and most importantly serve your ministry needs. Tell me how I can serve you and your church. or call/text
I know by now you have all saved the date for the Beyond Conference! Here are the details you have been waiting for as well as registration information. I would love for you to invite ALL! Come as a ministry team, ask another church ministry outside UMC if they want to join you! If you would like the brochure in jpeg to share on a Facebook page just email me!

Note the Early Bird pricing!!

You will leave this conference with a full heart, list of ideas, a feeling of connection with others as well as some books in your hand.

I am all about Faith Formation in the home. Last week I found a wonderful Advent book that parents can do with all ages of children each day in Advent. I have added a picture of the note to parents part of the book as well. The book asks great conversational questions to make everyone feel included. There are no wrong answers, but it is a great tool to help families keep the focus on the manger during Christmas. No parent has to feel they need to be a Bible scholar with this book. Promoting this book encourages parents to take an active role in their child's Faith development!

Have you wondered how I pick the next Children's Ministry program to spot light in the the UMC Living our Faith Magazine? Well, I believe it is important for the whole CHURCH to see the amazing work you all do to make young disciples. I try to attend small group meetings to meet you all. I check out as many Facebook post and our Facebook in-box. I am looking for any Children Ministry programs or events that shine a light on making young disciples.

Did you get your UMC Living our Faith magazine emailed to your in box or did you see the article on our Facebook page?
Lakewood Methodist shared a wonderful story with me about how they build their Wednesday night fall programming around learning how to worship! They took Children's Sabbath to a whole new level. If you want more information about how they did this, contact the dynamic duo!

Dates to remember:

  • Early Bird Reg deadline-Dec.15, 2018
  • Midway Reg. deadline-Jan.15, 2019
  • Late Reg. for Beyond-Jan. 20, 2019
  • Beyond RSVP dinner -Jan. 20, 2019
  • Beyond Conf.-January 25&26, 2019
  • Quest -September 28, 2019