If a bill that guarantees free legal representation to tenants comes to fruition, it will drive up the legal expenses of property owners forced to respond to frivolous motions and stalling tactics.

Building on the success of in-law units and following the lead of Sacramento and Berkeley, there is legislation being floated that would add sorely needed units to California's housing stock.

Sensible legislation would allow developers to "right-size" the number of parking spaces based on need and not some arbitrary number plucked from the sky.

From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
We are all about educating residents and establishing a level playing field. Everyone should have their day in court, but an amended AB 1487 would ensure that the legal expenses of landlords are ratcheted up by affording free legal representation to problematic tenants.

Unaware of any measure to give property owners free counsel, we express some reservations about the proposal in this article.

Bornstein Law has always maintained that more shovels in the ground and an increased number of rental units, not more draconian requirements imposed on landlords, are the answer to solve our affordable housing dearth.

In this piece, we applaud an initiative that aims to slash minimum parking requirements that have stifled new developments, squandered valuable real estate, and drives up rent prices.

The cause for denser housing is gaining further momentum after the California Housing & More Efficiency Act cleared its first legislative hurdle. We provide an overview of the sensible efforts to eliminate single-family zoning.

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Traditional tools to address problematic landlord-tenant relationships will hopefully be restored soon, and there is an abundance of rent debt to recoup. Let's reset in a May 18th meetup.

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