October 3 - October 14
In this newsletter:
  • Follow God - Matthew 4:19 a Devotion from Mr. Hearne, Superintendent
  • Fab Learning As Reported by Our Teachers
  • Athlete of the Week: Craig Yangihara
  • RSVP for Annual Dinner Here!
  • Introducing the RCS Director of Specialized Programs, Mr. Patrick Lee
  • Last Day for Quarter 1 Late Work/Make-Up Work/Test Retakes 10/5/18
  • RCE, Invite Your Grandparents to Grandparents Day!
  • 6th Grade Students - Outdoor Ed 10/1 - 10/4/18 Pick Up Info
  • PSAT at MSHS 10/10/18
  • Special Note for Students Going on the Southern California College Tour
  • No School 10/12/18 for Teacher Prep Day
  • ACSI Professional Development Forum Teacher Recap
  • A Helpful Note: Head Lice - What to do if your family or friends get it
  • Athletics Upcoming Events
  • How Can I Support RCS?
Follow God
Mark 8:34 "And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

Our theme verse for this month is Mark 8:34. The phrase "take up his cross" has always stood out to me because of what the cross stood for in Jesus' time. The cross was known as a symbol of excruciating pain that led ultimately to death. It was the Roman's method of capital punishment.  Jesus provided a foreshadowing of His own death on the cross and a metaphor of what all of His followers will face one way or another. A Roman prisoner was expected to carry his own cross; it was an act of submission to the power of Rome. Jesus turns this understanding of the cross as capital punishment and submission to Rome into identifying with Jesus and submitting to God's authority. "Take up his cross and follow me" does not mean that all believers will face execution, but it does mean that all believers must be willing and prepared to follow God and obey God's Word no matter the consequences.  Jesus has already let us know that by virtue of following Him we will face trials, tribulations, and persecution. I have found the words of Early Church Father Caesarius of Arles to be comforting when contemplating what it really means to take up your cross: "If you wish to follow Christ, do not delay in carrying His cross; tolerate sinners, but do not yield to them. Do not let the false happiness of the wicked corrupt you. You do well to despise all things for the sake of Christ, in order that you may be fit for His companionship." (Sermons, 159.5).

In Christ,
Al Hearne II, Superintendent
Fab Learning as Reported by
Our Teachers
Zach Harmon, class of 2014, was guest speaker in my class. He told about his time at the California Maritime Academy and his career in the merchant marines.
Mr. Edington
12th Grade
We finished up Fitness Testing in 4th and 5th grade this week. Many students have been inspired to set goals and work to improve their scores the next time we test in the middle of the year.
Mrs. Moog
Elementary PE
Who says grammar is boring? Laughter and shouts filled the room as students competed in a game to correct grammatical mistakes.
Mr. Summers
High School
 Physics students experimented with Newton’s 3rd Law using balloon rockets!
Miss Sierra
12th Grade
Students in KM are working hard on blend sheets as they get ready to read. Here is Aidan practicing his blend sheet (he passed)!
Miss Masin
 In math, my students are having fun learning our "Doubles Song."
Miss Orluck
1st Grade
This week, Craig Yangihara is being recognized for his excellent pitching on the Middle School Boys A Baseball Team. Highlights include a solid 3 innings pitched, allowing only one run against Hardcore, and this past Monday pitching 4 innings with no earned runs plus batting 1 for 3 against Fremont Christian. Great work, Craig!
RSVP for Annual Dinner Here
To ALL RCS Parents!
We hope to see YOU at our 49th Annual Dinner!
If you have not yet sent your RSVP card back in the mail, you can RSVP here to attend this year's dinner. We will honor teachers, students, and faithful supporters at the dinner as well as give an update on Vision 2020. Join us for a lovely dinner, fellowship, and to be a part of both the current happenings and the future of RCS!
Introducing the RCS Director of Specialized Programs, Mr. Patrick Lee
Mr. Lee joins RCS to launch new summer programs!
Redwood Christian Schools is pleased to announce that Mr. Patrick Lee is joining us full-time as the Director of Specialized Projects. In August 2018, Mr. Lee began teaching part-time Elementary PE in the mornings, and now he will be moving to full-time status. Mr. Lee will continue teaching his Elementary PE classes while immediately beginning to research and work towards launching a new summer program in July 2019 for students in grades K-8.  
Mr. Lee has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley. He also has an MA in Youth and Specialized Ministries from Western Seminary. From 1995 to 2007 he was a Bible Teacher, Chapel Leader, and Youth Director for Chinese Christian Schools. From 2007-2009 he served as the Associate Pastor at Bay Farm Community Church. From 2009-13 he served as an itinerant minister and part-time director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Then from 2013-2017 he served as the Children’s Pastor and then Executive Pastor at CV First Baptist. He has been married to his wife Cynthia since 1992 and they have three children: Tyler, Evan, and Max (who is currently a sophomore at RCS).
The last day of Quarter 1 is NEXT Friday!
Absent work to turn in?
Quiz to make up?

THIS Friday, October 5th
is the last day of the quarter to turn in any late, missing,
and/or absent work to improve grades for Quarter 1.
Contact your teacher(s) with any questions or concerns today!
RCE, Invite Your Grandparents to
Grandparents Day!
Feel free to use this electronic postcard to invite your grandparent(s) or special friend via email or text to a special day honoring them!
We will all meet in the Worship Center at 10 am on Friday, October 19, for a special Grandparents Day assembly. After that, guests are invited to visit students' classrooms until 12 pm. Students also have the option to go home with their guests.
Questions about Grandparents Day? Please contact your classroom teacher.
6th Grade Outdoor Education
October 1 - October 4
Outdoor Ed for 6th grade students is
Monday, October 1 - Thursday, October 4
(no school for 6th grade students on Friday, October 5).

Pick up 6th grade students at the MSHS campus at 2:30 pm on Thursday, 10/4!
PSAT at the MSHS October 10th
In preparation for the SAT exam, all students in grades 8-11 will take the PSAT test during the school day. The results from this test help set the course for SAT preparations for our students as they move towards their junior year.
Going on the Southern California
College Tour?
Departing: After the PSAT on Wednesday, October 10th (bring your luggage to school in the morning that day)!

Visiting: UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Loyola Marymount, Cal Baptist

Returning: Late Saturday October 13/Early Sunday October 14

Special Note: Students going on the trip, please attend the So Cal College Tour Meeting at lunch on Thursday (details announced at school in the campus bulletin)
No School Friday, October 12th for
Teacher Prep Day
Don't forget to register for EC by THIS Friday, October 5th, for the lowest holiday EC rate!
ACSI Professional Development Forum Teacher Recap
Last Thursday and Friday, RCS teachers and administrators attended the ACSI Professional Development Forum in Roseville, CA, to engage in training of active learning processes and best practices that help to reach all students in our classrooms.
From 12th grade teacher, Mr. Edington (who has attended over 30 ACSI conferences), "It was the best ACSI I've ever been to," due to the valuable training, inspirational speakers, and chance to network/collaborate with other Christian school teachers.
Six Tips When Exposed to Head Lice

  1. Don't Panic! Lice do not carry disease, nor does their presence indicate a problem with cleanliness (in fact, lice prefer a clean environment).
  2. Call organizations that may have been exposed: the school, coach(es), extended care, or any organization your child has attended in the past (2) weeks. The sooner others can check if their child has picked up lice, the better the chance to prevent them from spreading.
  3. Treat your child before he/she returns to public places. Remove lice by carefully combing hair and treat lice with a Permethrin 1& cream (such as Nix) or other over-the-counter shampoo. In some cases, over-the-counter products fail to eliminate live lice and a physician's visit is needed.
  4. Once treatment is underway, send your child to school along with a note to let us know the condition is being treated.
  5. Continue to check for 3-4 weeks (whether infected or exposed) to assure lice are not present.
  6. Do not share hats, combs, nor jackets with other children to prevent the spread of lice!
Visit our RCS Athletics page for game scores and more!


Score Box

HS Volleyball:
9/26 at Head-Royce
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls lost 3-1
10/2 at St. Joseph
Varsity Girls won 3-1

HS Soccer:
9/26 vs. Gateway @ HOME
Varsity Boys lost 5-3
10/2 vs. Head-Royce @ HOME
JV Boys tied 1-1
10/2 at Head-Royce
Varsity Boys lost 4-0

HS Tennis:
9/26 vs. International @ HOME
Varsity Girls lost 5-2

MS Baseball:
9/26 vs. TBA at San Lorenzo Little League Field #1
Boys B Team lost 5-4
10/1 at Fremont Christian
Boys A Team lost 2-1

Upcoming Games
HS Volleyball:
10/5 vs. Valley Christian
4:30pm Varsity Girls
10/10 at Berean Christian
4:00pm JV Girls
5:30pm Varsity Girls

HS Soccer:
10/5 vs. Bentley @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
10/5 vs. Bay @ HOME
5:30pm JV Boys
10/6 vs. Alumni @ HOME
11:00am Varsity Boys
10/9 at St. Joseph (played at the College of Alameda)
3:30pm Varsity Boys
5:00pm JV Boys
10/11 vs. Valley Christian @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
10/11 at Making Waves (played at Martin Luther King Memorial Park)
4:00pm JV Boys

HS Tennis:
10/4 vs. Bentley @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Girls
10/9 vs. St. Joseph @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Girls
10/11 vs. Fremont Chrisitan @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Girls

MS Softball:
10/4 vs. Prince of Peace @ HOME
3:30pm Girls
10/8 at Prince of Peace (played at Central Park Softball Complex)
3:30pm Girls
10/9 at Fremont Christian
3:30pm Girls
10/11 at San Ramon Valley (played at Sycamore Valley Park)
2:30pm Girls

MS Baseball:
10/3 vs. Elite (played at Burrell Field)
5:30pm Boys A Team
10/8 vs. Elite (played at Burrell Field)
5:30pm Boys B Team
10/9 vs. Hardcore @ HOME
5:00pm Boys A Team
10/11 vs. San Lorenzo (played at the San Lorenzo Little League Field
5:30pm Boys B Team
How Can I Support RCS?
Attend the Annual Dinner!