September 19 - September 30
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  • Follow God - Matthew 4:19
  • Fab 5 As Reported by Our Teachers
  • Athlete of the Week - Benjamin Nunley
  • Middle School All American Classic Game Recap
  • Thank you for your support at the Christian Ministry Pancake Breakfast & Auction
  • RCE Vision Screening (9/19/18)
  • MSHS Parents Coffee Hour (9/20/18)
  • Middle School Social THIS Friday (9/21/18)
  • 11th Grade Social THIS Friday (9/21/18)
  • Yearbook Sale Info - Order Now for Discounted Price
  • MSHS Check the Lost and Found
  • No School 9/27 - 9/28/18
  • Vision 2020 Update
  • A Helpful Note: What are the Upcoming DRP & WrAP Assessments?
  • Athletics Upcoming Events
  • How Can I Support RCS?
Follow God

For many of you, fishing may be your favorite activity. For others, it may feel like spending a miserable day in the heat waiting forever for fish to do something silly like bite down on the metal hook you’re trying to feed them. But the reasons you go fishing likely mean more to you than the activity itself. The same is true in Matthew 4:19, Jesus said to his disciples: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Here Jesus shows His disciples that fishing for men is all about the reason for doing so. The disciples knew fishing well. This was life for these men. They knew that if they didn’t catch fish, they would starve. But more importantly, they were learning that the fishing was about the One sending them in for the catch. The metaphor Jesus gives doesn’t work well if we are focused on the benefits for the fisherman or even the fish themselves. We must be focused on casting a wide net and bringing in the harvest of people for Jesus. The fish and the fisherman will both perish, but following Jesus leads to life.

Curt Russell, Director of Instructional Development
Fab Learning as Reported by
Our Teachers
KB is learning the fun of teamwork! Let the building of cup towers begin!
Mrs. Bicker
My students are having a blast playing Phonogram Bingo, which helps them learn their 54 phonograms.
Miss Orluck
Meet the Beginning Strings class. I had a great first week and look forward to seeing how they grow as musicians!
Miss Fong
My 8th grade students discovered how to find the area of cylinders and cubes in a cooperative lab.
Mr. Wilcox
Students are preparing a project to present orally on Monday. They are drawing and sharing things they like to do or don't like to do. They will be using phrases and vocabulary from this chapter to demonstrate understanding and usage of the Spanish language.
Mrs. Phillips
Junior English students read "The Declaration of Independence" this week. To get them started we did an activity where every student received a part of the text, and they had to work together as a team to put it in order. Once it was correct they each took turns reading their part.
It was a beautiful example of what I believe that document stands for.
Mrs. Cherry
The JV Boys Soccer team went into halftime scoreless in their matchup against the Fremont Christian Warriors. Emerging after the half was Benjamin Nunley who lead his team to victory with a hat trick. Final score RCS: 3, FCS 0.
Middle School All American Classic Game Recap
Last week, Middle School students competed in academic and athletic events to earn points! It was a blast to see competitive racing, who could throw the farthest, and how to navigate the wacky obstacle course!
For Your Support
at the Christian Ministry
Pancake Breakfast & Auction

A BIG thank you to over 300 people who attended the High School Christian Ministry Team Pancake Breakfast last Saturday! Not only did proceeds from tickets sold for the breakfast help support the team’s mission trip to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, student service teams raised over $2500 in the live auction! Teams served by wood chipping, pulling weeds, organizing loft space, cleaning and dissembling a chicken coop, and other general yardwork and house cleaning tasks. In addition, another big thank you to the team of Christian Ministry parents who helped make this day possible by cooking, setting up, cleaning up, and general support of the entire event!
RCE Vision Screening
September 19th
Every year, RCS participates in the Alameda, Contra-Costa Counties Optometric Society, Modified Clinical Test (ACCCOS MCT) Vision Screening Program to check vision.  Grades that had their vision screened include Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 5th Grade, all AAP students, and any student new to RCE. Because vision may change frequently during the school years, regular eye and vision care is important, and this is a free way to potentially find vision problems early. Any issues detected will be communicated home, if they arise.
MSHS Parents Coffee Hour
September 20th
TOMORROW! Thursday, September 20th
Join Mr. Warner and Mr. Hearne for our first Parents Coffee Hour of the 2018-19 school year!  If you missed the email with the agenda and option to RSVP, click here
Middle School Social THIS Friday!
The Middle School Leadership Class is hosting the Middle School social  on the MSHS campus from 

5:00 PM to 7:30 PM THIS Friday, September 21st

We plan to feature a delicious meal, followed by some rollicking games played on the school campus.  If you have any questions about the RCMS Social, please email Mr. Gillette by clicking the button below:
11th Grade Social THIS Friday!
The 11th Grade Class Council is hosting a social  for all Juniors on the MSHS campus from 

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM THIS Friday, September 21st

We plan to have a movie (Big Hero 6), pizza, popcorn, beverages, and lots of fun hanging out together in Room 13. If you have any questions about the Junior Social, please email Mrs. Cherry by clicking the button below:
Redwood Christian
Elementary School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $30 before October 2.
After October 2: $40

To Purchase :
 and return to the RCE Office
Redwood Christian
Middle School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $40 before October 2.
After October 2: $45
Add Personalization: $6

To Purchase:
(click here)
Redwood Christian
High School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $55 before October 2.
After October 2: $60.
Add Personalization: $6

MSHS Campus:
Our Lost and
Found is full!

Come by the campus office to claim any missing items. As a reminder, please label all outerwear, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. so we can return them! All unclaimed items in the Lost and Found will be donated to charity on September 28th.
ACSI Teacher Professional Development Forum

No School
September 27-28
RCS teachers will attend the ACSI PD Forum for two great days of training, inspiration,
and encouragement.

EC is open for students grades TK - 6th.
Please pre-register for EC before 9/21/18.
Vision 2020 Update
Vision 2020 is a three-year endeavor launched in October 2017 to raise $1.25 million to remodel elementary classrooms, complete the Bruce D. Johnson Gymnasium, and create a new 21st century science lab at the middle school and high school campus.
On Thursday (9/20) and Friday (9/21) Middle School and High School students grades 6 - 11 will take the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) and on Monday (9/24) and Tuesday (9/25) Grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 will take the Writing A Program (WrAP) Assessments during school.

What are these assessments?

The DRP helps us track students' reading comprehension growth over time and identify both strengths and areas needing specific instruction in the classroom. Students take the DRP in both the fall and spring semesters each year.

The WrAP tests a students' ability to use stimulus-based writing prompts to develop analytical writing in the genres Narrative, Informative, and Argument/Opinion writing, ultimately helping RCS students grow in their ability to respond to a prompt, organize thoughts, and effectively communicate in writing.
Visit our RCS Athletics page for game scores and more!


Score Box

HS Volleyball:
9/13 vs. College Prep @ HOME
JV Girls won 2-1
Varsity Girls won 3-1
9/14 at Bentley
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls won 3-1
9/15 at Alameda Tournament
Varsity Girls vs. San Lorenzo won 2-0
Varsity Girls vs. Tennyson won 2-0
Varsity Girls vs. Alameda lost 2-0
Varsity Girls vs. American lost 2-0
Varsity Girls vs. Alameda won 2-0
Varsity Girls Volleyball came in 3rd
at the Alameda Tournament

HS Soccer:
9/14 vs. Making Waves @ HOME
Varsity Boys lost 3-1
9/14 vs. Fremont Christian @ HOME
JV Boys won 3-0

HS Tennis:
9/13 at Fremont Christian (played at Fremont Tennis Center)
Varsity Girls lost 4-3
914 at Bentley
Varsity Girls lost 5-2
9/18 vs. Head-Royce @ HOME
Varsity Girls lost 7-0

MS Softball:
9/13 at Prince of Peace (played at Central Park Softball Complex)
Girls lost 8-2

Upcoming Games
HS Volleyball:
9/19 at Valley Christian
4:30pm Varsity Girls
9/25 at College Prep
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls
9/26 at Head-Royce
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls

HS Soccer:
9/19 at Athenian
4:00pm JV Boys
9/19 vs. Athenian @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/21 at Bentley
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/25 at College Prep (played at Tom Bates Sports Complex)
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/25 vs. Making Waves @ HOME
4:00pm JV Boys
9/26 vs. Gateway@ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/26 vs. Bay @ HOME
5:30pm JV Boys

HS Tennis:
9/19 at St. Joseph (played at College of Alameda)
4:00pm Varsity Girls
9/25 at Head-Royce
4:00pm Varsity Girls
9/26 vs. International @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Girls

HS Cross Country:
9/25 at BCL East #1 at Joaquin Miller Park
4:15pm Varsity Girls and Boys

MS Softball:
9/19 vs. San Ramon Valley @ HOME (played at Castro Valley Community Center)
3:30pm Girls
9/20 vs. Fremont Christian @ HOME (played at Castro Valley Community Center
3:30pm Girls

MS Baseball:
9/20 vs. TBA at HOME
5:30pm Boys A Team

How Can I
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