September 12 - September 23
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  • Follow God - Matthew 4:19
  • Fab 5 As Reported by Our Teachers
  • Today is the Last Day to Reserve Cal Football Tickets
  • RCE Patriots Day Recap
  • Nacho Sale/Booster Club Apparel Sale 9/13
  • RCE Parents Coffee Hour (9/13) and MSHS Parents Coffee Hour (9/20)
  • Christian Ministry Pancake Breakfast and Auction 9/15
  • Middle School & High School IMPACT Week is Next Week
  • Yearkbook Sale Info - Order Now for Discounted Price
  • No School 9/27-9/28
  • Save the Date for the RCS Annual Dinner 10/22
  • What Are Notices of Concern?
  • Athletics Upcoming Events and Scoreboard
  • Support RCS When You Shop!
In Matthew chapter 4, after being tempted by Satan, Jesus begins His earthly ministry, and in verse 17 declares, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." He then begins to call His disciples. In verse 19 He says to Peter and Andrew, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” This simple yet profound sentence is the first example in the Gospels of Jesus calling His disciples. Peter and Andrew are professional fishermen by occupation. Jesus provides the call, "Follow Me" and then, as always happens with God's calling, Jesus tells them how they will change based upon this calling. They will "become fishers of men." This means that Peter and Andrew will have to change to fit into their new calling. However, they are not alone, they are not left to their own devices, they are not left to get their own training. Jesus says, "Follow me  and I will make you  fishers of men." Jesus is going to help Peter and Andrew change. Jesus is going to help Peter and Andrew fit into their new calling. The truth of Luke 6:40b "but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher" is contained in Jesus' promised training, " I will make you."  By accepting Jesus call, Peter and Andrew, when fully trained, will be like Jesus.    Verse 20 tells us that Peter and Andrew immediately accepted this new calling, they accepted God's authority over their lives, and they accepted the necessary training to become "fishers of men." Just as with Peter and Andrew, our decision to follow God means that we accept His authority over our lives, we accept a new calling, and we accept His training so that we too can become like Christ and be "fishers of men."
Fab Learning as Reported by
Our Teachers
Students had fun showing they know the phases of the Moon with Oreo cookies. After the project they were able to
eat their evidence.
Mrs. Bibby
International students (Chinese and Korean) and Mandarin 1 students got to know each other in small groups. They all enjoyed the opportunity to talk and learn more
about the languages.
Mrs. Vincent
We learned about the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We did a science experiment that showed all three. When baking soda and vinegar were mixed together, they formed carbon dioxide
hat blew up a balloon.
Mrs. Francis
4th and 5th grade students at Redwood Christian Schools are starting off their first week of electives with a bang. Miss Perry's robotics class is already using their problem-solving and cooperative skills to engineer their very own robot.
Miss Perry
All the third graders got to participate in the Patriot's Day Chapel. They sang and recited a poem splendidly. The third grade teachers are very
proud of them!
Mrs. Vanegas
TK students enjoyed integrating engineering into their literature experience. They built houses for the three little pigs out of straw, wood and bricks.
Mrs. Shinoda
Last Day to Order!! Join us for RCS at Cal Football Day! RCS families are invited to a special day at Cal Football and tickets are ONLY $10 each! Also, part of the proceeds will go to benefit Redwood Christian Schools. All tickets must be ordered by 8pm, Wednesday September 12th.

Patriots Day Recap
Our special Patriot’s Day Chapel was last Friday morning and students honored all branches of our military and first responders from every area of service, both current and veteran servicemen and servicewomen. Highlights included the presentation of our great country's flag by the VFW and American Legion, student presentations honoring servicemen and servicewomen who were present, and the third grade class singing an original “Thank You” song composed by RCE classroom music teacher & Royal Choir conductor, Mrs. Mayne. Mr. Hearne's closing comments included the significance of the song Taps, followed the playing of it by a VFW and American Legion member. Finally, students joined Mr. Hearne in praying for President Trump, Governor Brown,
and others in leadership.
RCE Nacho Sale and
Booster Club Apparel Sale
RCE Parents Coffee Hour 9/13
MSHS Parents Coffee Hour 9/20
Join Miss Sinisi and Mr. Hearne for our first Parents Coffee Hour of the 2018-19 school year! If you missed the email with the agenda and option to RSVP, click here
Join Mr. Warner and Mr. Hearne NEXT Thursday, September 20th, at the MSHS campus. An email with the agenda and an option to RSVP will be sent on Monday morning.
We hope to see you all there!
Christian Ministry Pancake
Breakfast & Auction, Saturday 9/15
The Christian Ministry Team Pancake Breakfast and Auction is the first major fundraiser for the missions team each year. Come for a delicious all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast and leave with a team of students ready to do whatever you need done at your home! Work teams are auctioned off and can do many tasks (e.g., mow lawns, wash cars, wash windows, clean out chicken coups).

Breakfast begins at 8:00 am, Auction begins at 8:45 am
 Click the button below to see the teams who are excited to serve at your home!
Middle School & High School
Fall Spiritual IMPACT Week is Next Week
Fall IMPACT week is next week! Alumnus, Aaron Macklin will speak in both Middle School and High School Chapels and also available to connect with students during lunch times. The purpose of Impact Week is for RCS alumni and/or past teachers/coaches to come to invest in the lives of our student body. An empowering and pre/teenage-applicable message is delivered during chapel time, and students get the chance to interact
with an adult who desires to guide, encourage, and support them.
It will be an IMPACTful week for all!
Redwood Christian Elementary School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $30 before October 2.
After October 2 $40

To Purchase :
Fill out THIS FORM (click here) and return to the RCE Office
Redwood Christian
Middle School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $40 before October 2.
After October 2 $45
Add Personalization: $6

To Purchase:
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Redwood Christian
High School
Yearbook Orders
Cost: $55 before October 2.
After October 2 $60.
Add Personalization: $6

ACSI Teacher Professional Development Forum
RCS teachers will attend the ACSI PD forum for two great days of training, inspiration, and encouragement. Since the teachers are gone, students have no school.
EC is open for students grades TK - 6th. Please pre-register before 9/21/18.
Vision 2020 Update
Vision 2020 is a three-year endeavor launched in October 2017 to raise $1.25 million to remodel elementary classrooms, complete the Bruce D. Johnson Gymnasium, and create a new 21st century science lab at the middle school and high school campus.
49th Annual Dinner Celebration!
Save the Date!
October 22nd
Can you believe THIS Friday (9/14) is midway to the end of the first quarter? Each quarter, campuses send out formal feedback at the quarter midpoint to any students who have a C- or lower grade in their class. The note is goal-oriented in nature: it explains both student progress thus far and how the student can improve his/her grade before the end of the quarter. The intent is for teachers to provide individualized and helpful feedback about any academic difficulties that are going on and to help your student be successful in their class. If you have any questions about the note or would like to schedule a meeting about helping your student meet his/her expectations by the end of the quarter, please email your teacher(s) directly.
Visit our RCS Athletics page for game scores and more!


Score Box:

HS Volleyball:
9/6 vs. Head-Royce @ HOME
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls lost 3-2
9/7 vs. Athenian @ HOME
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls won 3-0

HS Soccer:
9/7 vs. St. Joseph @ HOME
JV Boys won 3-1
9/7 at St. Joseph @ HOME
Varsity Boys lost 1-0
9/11 vs. College Prep @ HOME
Varsity Boys lost 3-2

HS Tennis:
9/7 at Convent (played at San Francisco State)
Varsity Girls lost 6-1
9/11 vs. College Prep @ HOME
Varsity Girls lost 6-1

Upcoming Games
HS Volleyball:
9/13 vs. College Prep @ HOME
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls
9/14 vs. Bentley @ HOME
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls
9/15 at Alameda Tournament
8:30am Varsity Girls
9/19 at Valley Christian
4:30pm Varsity Girls

HS Soccer:
9/14 vs. Making Waves @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/14 vs. Fremont Christian @ HOME
5:30pm JV Boys
9/19 at Athenian
4:00pm JV Boys
9/19 vs. Athenian @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys
9/21 at Bentley
4:00pm Varsity Boys

HS Tennis:
9/13 at Fremont Christian (played at Fremont Tennis Center)
4:00pm Varsity Girls
9/14 at Bentley
4:00pm Varsity Girls
9/18 vs. Head Royce @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Girls
9/19 at St. Joseph (played at College of Alameda)
4:00pm Varsity Girls

MS Softball:
9/13 at Prince of Peace (played at Central Park Softball Complex)
3:30pm Girls
9/20 vs. Fremont Christian @ HOME (played at Castro Valley Community Center)
3:30pm Girls
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