Staff from regional nonprofits and public sector organizations at the DiscoverU design meeting.

Friday Oct. 12 will be DiscoverU's Lead Your Community Day! Because there is no school statewide then, many nonprofits and public sector organizations are organizing activities for students. Southwest Youth and Family Services, King County Housing Authority, and Techbridge Girls are some of our partners that will be introducing students to community-oriented work, connecting them to leadership opportunities in their neighborhoods, and helping them discover new pathways.

"It's important for youth to explore all the possible options for their futures, because we want to produce happy, resourceful, and self-sufficient young people, especially in our communities of color," said Martha Flores of Seattle MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement). 


Everyone can participate in College Gear Day, including K-12 schools, colleges, nonprofits, and businesses! Here are some throwbacks from last year. 

Washington STEM

Kent School District

South Seattle College

Highline Public Schools

College Access Now

This year's College Gear Day will be Thursday, Oct. 11! Mark it on your calendar so you remember to snap a selfie with your school colors and use the hashtag #CollegeGearDay.


On College Gear Day, another activity that educators can do with middle or high school students is Bingo Trivia.

Print out one card for each student. Pass out the cards and shuffle the bingo trivia vocabulary questions. Randomly pull bingo trivia/vocabulary terms and read the definitions aloud, one at a time. If a student has that matching term on their sheet, they cross it out. Keep playing until a student gets bingo! Check the students' answers and confirm that they crossed out terms that have been read. 
DiscoverU encourages our community to come together and promote college and career exploration for the region's youth. Through fun activities in and out of school, students throughout Seattle and South King County will have opportunities to explore their futures. DiscoverU puts student interests at the center and helps connect their aspirations with the many pathways to get there.

Do you have a college & career resource or event you want to share? 
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