Summer is here, and that means warmer weather, a new semester, and maybe a little more time to sit and read staff newsletters. Warmer weather also means more opportunities to help your community, so without further ado:
Phi Theta Kappa keeping busy
I recently met with Alex Bradshaw, president of SSCC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter, about some exciting activities he’s helping coordinate for the honors society. PTK will hold a litter cleanup event at the college on the second Friday of each month from June to October. Volunteers are to meet at the clock tower on Central Campus at 9 a.m. Alex also says the chapter is raising money to support Friday night movie nights on campus for current and potential students.
Arts and Culture
SSCC Theatre has announced its 17th season featuring “Steel Magnolias,” showing November 4-6, 2022, and “Moonlight & Magnolias,” showing April 14-16, 2023.

It’s nice to see the theatre program active again after such a long hiatus. Shoutout to Rainee Angles for sticking with it!

Remember, SSCC is your community theatre — you don’t need to be a student to perform! Get the word out now and find more info at
Dr. Boys retirement party
A retirement party for SSCC President Dr. Kevin Boys will be held next month to celebrate his contributions to the college and its rich history of providing accessible, affordable, high-quality education.

With rumors swirling that Dr. Boys will be revisiting playing his mandolin in retirement, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll make an appearance in the bluegrass band. I’ve known Dr. Boys since I was in high school and he was volunteering with the Leadership Clinton Youth Collaborative. I’ve been learning from him ever since.

Thanks for your service, Kevin. We’ll miss you.
Health & Wellness
Self-tests for COVID-19 give rapid results and can be taken anywhere, regardless of your vaccination status or whether or not you have symptoms. Here are some testing guidelines:
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, test immediately!
  • If you were exposed to someone with COVID-19, test at least 5 days after your exposure. If you test negative for COVID-19, consider testing again 1 to 2 days after your first test, if you develop symptoms, or anytime during the 14 days after exposure.
  • If you are going to an indoor event or a gathering, test immediately before the gathering, or as close to the time of the event as possible. This is especially important before gathering with individuals at risk of severe disease, older adults, those who are immunocompromised, or people who are not up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines, including children who cannot get vaccinated yet.

Order free tests at Free tests are also available at our campus libraries or by calling HDH Occupational Health at (937) 393-6398 for SSCC employees and students.

You can also buy tests online.
Bits & Pieces
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The college will be closed June 20 in observance of Juneteenth. For more info on the holiday, visit