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New this week June 22, 2018
An Introduction from Amit
The Rosh and Randy Report
Avodah in Action
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A Tzevet Story
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An Introduction from Amit
Greetings from beautiful (albeit rainy!) Camp Tavor. 

I want to share gratitude with all of our 2018 Camp Tavor families - new and returning - for sharing your incredible children with us. We've been moved by their spirit, song, and creativity this first week and are looking so forward to an engaging and enriching Shabbat together. The Mazkirut and I spend all year planning for these few sacred weeks together, and it is truly magical to see things come together as your campers run off the buses (and out of cars) and into the arms of their friends. It is a privilege to be a part of this community and I am looking so forward to learning and growing with your children (both our campers and staff) this summer. 

I want to share just a few of the exciting updates we've made for summer 2018:

- We are enhancing our Tiyul (camping) trips for each age group, building up to longer and adventurous camping experiences that will help your campers cultivate camping and wilderness skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. 

- We are hosting the HDNA Kadima program - a program for entering 11th graders focused on leadership, community and social justice. The group will travel throughout the Midwest on hiking and service learning experiences, and will call Camp Tavor "home" and join us for Shabbat throughout their program. 

- We've brought a part time social worker onto our Camper Care Team. This summer, Evan Major (who works as a Middle School social worker in the Detroit-area during the year) has joined our team to bring additional support and expertise to our work ensuring the safety, comfort and engagement of every member of our community.

- We've updated our weekly summer newsletter (thank you to our newest team member, Randy Lubratich, Community Engagement Coordinator) and are looking forward to sharing beautiful updates with you throughout the summer and introducing you to different members of our summer and year round staff. In addition to our weekly newsletter, please be sure to "like" us on Facebook, where we will share daily (mostly) highlights throughout the summer season. 

Looking forward to the opportunity to meet and see many of you on Visitors' Day!

Shabbat Shalom! 

Amit Weitzer
Executive Director, Habonim Dror Camp Tavor
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The Rosh and Randy Report
Each week we will start with a word from some of the staff. A little introduction of who we with some insight and observations from our summer leadership!
Shabbat Shalom!
What an amazing week it has been at Camp Tavor. It has been my greatest pleasure getting to be here every day and getting to know everyone.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Randy, the new Community Engagement Coordinator. I am here in the office to answer your calls and more importantly deliver your letters! I am always here to help with whatever you may need. This is the first of what I hope will be many wonderful summers.

I know you are waiting, patiently, for more photos. We apologize for the delay, out here in the woods our internet has been a little fussy, but we are working to make sure you get those photos every day.

A reminder that we will post them in Camp Minder and we will also announce every new batch on our FaceBook page.

Anyway, It's been an amazing few days! We have really seen the chanichimot (campers) come to life.

There’s been lots of singing and dancing and working to make every day new and exciting while also trying to stay dry. That was not exactly easy for a few of the madrichimot who managed to find themselves (unwillingly) in the lake, including our Rosh (director), Zoe Friedland. (see photo above)

Thanks for posting that Randy. Hi families, this is Zoe! First session has been off to an incredible start. We hit the ground running, jumping quickly into new projects and educational activities. It has been an incredible honor to watch our tzevet (staff) put the summer together, but camp felt a bit lonely without all of the kids here. Now that everyone has arrived, it really feels like the summer has come alive. Every summer we have the privilege of watching your children learn and grow into empowered leaders, and I can't wait to see it and share it with you!

We’re excited to bring you our weekly newsletter, still open to a title (if you have any suggestions), where we will be highlighting different programs and projects throughout the week.

So let’s get to it!
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Avodah in Action
Each week we'll take a quick look at the kinds of avodah (work)
the chanichimot (campers) are up to and what we can expect in the future.
Honeysuckle destroyers (trailblazing), machsan (tool shed) and Chava (farm) were trained using our new tool training, created by this year’s Rosh Machsan Adam Rubinberg.

Beit Omanu t (art) has begun planning a new sign for outside of the Sifriya (library) as well as a mural on the side of the pool. They are also super excited about an art collaboration with the Chava !

Toranut Boker (morning dishes) is busy making sure the Chadar looks spotless..

Bishul (kitchen help) made our delicious Friday lunch, lasagna!
Peek at the Programs
A quick profile of the programming happening each week as our chanichimot learn more about life, each other, social justice and of course just having some good old fashion fun!

This week, most chanichimot started out the session with peulot run by their madrichimot (counselors) about kvutzah, consent and communication! 

During chuggim, "My Art Will Go On" made art with a new and super fun medium, food colored spaghetti! 

Chug Broken Record tried out different methods for building giant towers out of cups. Their tallest tower reached all the way from the floor to the rafters of the chadar ochel!

Yom Meyuchad (Special day) was on Thursday. Camp was taken over by the Wild Wild West, after announcing the opening of a new saloon in town, our beloved sheriff disappeared! All of camp had to elect a new sheriff to save the town!
A Tzevet Story
Each week we will profile one or two of the Tzevet (staff)
so you can get to know them better, learn how they came to camp and why.
Ariel Hasak-Lowy
Name: Ariel Hasak-Lowy
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Age: 20
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Year at Tavor: 10

What is your job at Tavor? Mashatz (unit head) Amelimot

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? I love goofing off and doing sill activities like role-playing. It is one of the ways camp is so special to me. The role-playing really helps us all connect and relate in new and interesting ways.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? You could say it’s a family business. My dad was a camper in the 80’s and 90’s and worked all the way to being Rosh (summer program director). I couldn’t wait to turn 10 so I could come to amelimot and be just like my dad, and my cousins, and my siblings.

What is your favorite memory of camp? My favorite memory was during peulot ohel (special tent time) when I was in chotrimot, around 11 or 12 years old. We went on a scavenger hunt around camp for ingredients which turned out to be cookie dough. There was so much of it, we turned the hunt around for the older kids. In the end everyone got cookies!

What’s your favorite part of camp?  I love that camp is youth led. It shows how we are all in it together, and supporting each other. Shows that we have a voice and it’s empowering. It’s also amazing to see these kids grow up, seeing us, working together and using that to find their own voices to make changes here at camp and in the world every day.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? Yes! The broth changes with the ingredients added to it. Duh! 
Mia Russell
Name: Mia Russell
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Age: 23
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Year at Tavor: 2

What is your job at Tavor? Rosh Mitbach (Head of the Kitchen)

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? Trying new foods!

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? My best friend Zoe brought me to Tavor for the first time last year, and I loved it so much I came back for more!

What is your favorite memory of camp? Catering the garinimot’s wedding funch last summer. I also like lying on the kikar listening to music during havdallah.

What’s your favorite part of camp? I feel so lucky that I am able to support campers and staff by providing them with nourishing and tasty food. My goal is for everyone to feel healthy and well-fed, especially picky eaters and our campers with food allergies and dietary restrictions. I hope to offer a variety of foods and encourage kids to try new things, while still fostering a comfortable, stress-free space for all of camp to share meals.  

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup?
Oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat are soups. Dry cereal with milk is not.
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Are hot dogs sandwiches?