September 2019

Silo or Umbrella?
I think it was in the late 1990’s that I first heard of the concept of churches as silos or umbrellas. If my memory is accurate, it was in an article in the Observer magazine written by Rev Chris White and comes from a business model.
The idea is that “silo” churches keep to themselves, they do not share information or resources or even worship events with other congregations. They exist independently and see themselves in competition with other churches: “if we share with you, we will have/be less.”
I once had a friend who was the minister of a small neighbouring church and since they were not holding a Good Friday service, I invited her congregation to join ours for the morning. “Oh they won’t come,” she told me, “they will think you are trying to shut them down.”
On the other hand, “umbrella” churches believe that by building connections and working with other churches, we are all better off. When congregations share their information and manpower, we can do bigger things than we could each do alone.
My personal feelings are that none of us can really succeed alone and it is going to take some creative, out-of-the-box thinking to find our way in these interesting times for the church. Think of the wonderful work done when three United Church congregations, including Erin Mills, came together four years ago to sponsor and support refugee families coming to Canada.
The United Church of Canada has begun some major change and restructuring. It is still too soon to assess the results. Other denominations are also experiencing transformation and upheaval. In this uncertainty, the United Church communities of Mississauga are in the process of trying to open an umbrella over all of our congregations. There have been meetings with Edge over the past year, mostly having to do with financial matters, but some of us feel that it would be a good plan to get to know each other on a more personal level.
To that end, two events are being planned for this fall:
Erindale United has invited all the Mississauga United Churches to a Potluck dinner on October 29th and I have been asked to gather a group of people to represent Erin Mills UC and bring some food to share. If you are interested in joining me that evening, please let me know before September 15th at or by phone (905)820-9466.
The other event will be a combined Advent service. So far there is a small planning group working on it, and as soon as we get details, I will share them with you.
We can choose to be a silo and go alone into our future or we can be part of an umbrella and have companions on the journey. Wouldn’t it be nicer to travel with friends?

Rev. Kathi
From the Chair of the Leadership Circle
I started writing this article on the first day of the CNE. To me the opening of the CNE has always been a sign that the summer break will soon be done and that shortly, it will be time to resume the routines of the fall. August meetings of the Congregational Growth Group and the Leadership Circle remind me that at EMUC, small group activities and committee meetings will soon be in full swing. Before you know it, planning for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season will be under way!
While many of us were out of town for the past weeks EMUC was still there to serve the needs of congregants and the community. The office was open daily and there were worship services every Sunday. The worship committee is due a huge “Thank You!” for ensuring there was always a pulpit supply, special musical offerings and a warm welcome to members and visitors alike. Our new Office and Building administrator, Tina Driscoll, took up her position in July and I’m sure all visitors to the office were treated to her warm hospitality. Our thanks are extended to Sylvia Arnold and Peter Kiteley who stepped into the Office and Building Administrator role when needed.
During our August meeting, and with the support of a representative from EDGE, the Congregational Growth Group reviewed the findings of the asset mapping activities carried out in the spring. It was decided that we need to further explore the spiritual assets/gifts we possess as a faith community. There was consensus that even though church attendance in general is falling, there still exists a yearning among many for spiritual community and connection to something bigger than themselves. Can we provide this community for these seekers? To do so we must first be able to articulate the role of our faith in our lives as individuals and as a community.  I look forward to joining with you as Rev. Kathi leads us in an exploration of our spiritual assets.
September presents an opportunity for each of us to consider how we can actively engage in the life and work of EMUC. We all appreciate inspiring and uplifting music during worship. Is this the year to share your musical talents with us? Any of our musical groups would welcome your participation (Chancel Choir, Impromptu and Off the Cuff or the bell ringers). Maybe your particular gifts and/or interests are in caring for and supporting others. Sandy Hayes, Chair of the Member Development and Care focus circle would love to connect with you. Perhaps your faith motivates you to work on social justice and interfaith initiatives. If so, the Interfaith, Justice and Peace group are hoping you’ll join with them. These are only a few of the ways in which you can live out your faith at EMUC. Please watch out for opportunities to participate or speak to a focus circle leader.
We return to regular routines grateful for the summer break and the opportunity to revel in the warmth and beauty of the season.  Welcome Back!

Dianne Hope
Chair, Leadership Circle
Thanks to:

  • Sylvia Arnold who put in many office hours during the transition after Peter’s retirement
  • Peter Kiteley and Sylvia Arnold for providing orientation to Tina Driscoll
  • Laura Macro, Heather Bunting, Kathy Andres, Trish Campbell, Sylvia Arnold and Rev. Kathi for taking the lead for the recruitment of the new Office and Building Administrator
  • Len Feldman for arranging guest musicians for the summer services
  • The Worship Committee for overseeing the pulpit supply ministers for July
  • Everyone who helped with the reception after David Thomson’s Celebration of Life service.
  • All the gardeners who have weeded and watered this summer
  • All the greeters, ushers, readers, and coffee hosts who helped over the summer
  • Sue Ogilvie for finding a new supplier for making the memorial banners
  • Fred Shepley for repairing the window sills, ceilings and other maintenance jobs around the church


Congratulations to Adam Beck and Rebecca Stewart!  Pat and Bob Beck are happy to announce the marriage of their son, Adam Beck, to Rebecca Stewart. The two were married on Friday, May 10 th , 2019 in Mississauga much to the delight of both families. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.
Congratulations to Kirby Hayes and Andrew Komlodi on their marriage which took place on August 4 th , 2019. The celebration took place in Victoria and was attended by Kirby’s parents, Tim and Sandy Hayes, her brother Alec Hayes and her godmother, Trish Campbell. Kirby and Andrew will be here in Mississauga for Thanksgiving. We wish them all the best as they start their life together.  
Congratulations are sent to James Aitken and Caity Bittman who were quietly married in Victoria, B.C. on August 15 th , 2019. Both grew up in Mississauga but met in Victoria, where they are presently residing. James grew up at EMUC. Happiness always!

Condolences are sent to Audrey Thomson, Cathy, Peter and Alana Kiteley, and the entire extended family as they mourn the death of David Thomson on August 5 th , 2019. A Celebration of Life was held at EMUC on August 17 th , 2019. David was a very active member of EMUC and will be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Life at EMUC
Welcome to Tina Driscoll, Office and Building Administrator
On July 3rd, Tina Driscoll started in the position of Office and Building Administrator at EMUC. She has been settling in and getting to know people within our church.
Tina has lived in Oakville for 22 years, but is a Maritimer at heart. She has spent most of the last 20 years raising her children, but she was looking for a new adventure. The job at EMUC came into her life at just the right time: some would say it was meant to be! She is a very active member of Munn’s United Church: she sings in the choir, is Chair of the Community Development Committee and sits on the Unified Board (Tina “knows” church)!
Tina has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from St. Mary’s University, has worked at CIBC Telephone Banking, was a Manager of Internal Sales support for CIBC’s PIMS, managed Metro Shelf Storage, and has over 25 years of customer service experience.
She is enjoying her experience at EMUC, and counts herself blessed to be here. If the day gets hectic, she goes into the sanctuary and just breathes. Life is good!

Rental Attendant Team - We need your help.
The rental of space at EMUC by various community groups provides revenue to help us meet our operating expenses.The negotiating and monitoring of contracts is the responsibility of the Finance Committee with the valuable assistance of our Office Administrator. We need help to assist in the set-up for some groups on week days and in the supervision of one time renters on weekends.If we get a team of people who will help , the task will not be onerous.For set-up during the week ,we plan to establish a regular schedule with a time commitment of approximately one-half hour.
If you can help please speak to Tina in the office or to Dave Leeder.
Church Pew - An antique for your home.
Do you have a long entrance hallway where you need a sitting bench? Do you need excellent wood for a construction project? We have just the answer.
As you my have notice we have not used the church pews on either side of the sanctuary for a number of years. The Leadership Circle would like to create more space by disposing of the pews on the right side. If you are interested in one or more, please contact Tina in the office.
Upcoming Events
School Supplies for Haiti
Again this year there is a request for school supplies to be donated to the schools supported by Children of Hope , Haiti. You will find the list at the church along with an updated poster, including last year's annual report and most recent pictures. The teachers have been thrilled to receive the supplies for their students due to your generosity.  Deadline is September 30 th .  

Remembering and Honouring
For thousands of years, Christian churches have marked All Saints Day as a time to remember those who have died, and to celebrate the connection between those who have passed away and those who are living. At Erin Mills United we record their names on our Memorial Banners which hang in the sanctuary. The Membership and Pastoral Care committee is planning a dedication of new names for the banners, to take place during the All Saints Day worship service on Sunday, November 3rd. At that time, a few words of remembrance will be read about each person. 
If you would like to have the name of a loved one included in this dedication, please contact the office at , or call Tina at 905-820-9466 . We need: the name of the loved one you are honouring, the year of their birth and the year they passed. Cheques should be made payable to Erin Mills United Church; cash is also acceptable. A fee of $50 will cover the cost of materials and sewing.  The deadline for submissions is September 30th.

Start-ups for the fall:

Prayer Shawl Ministry
All knitters, of every degree of competency, are welcome to bring their knitting needles and yarn to the church the first Wednesday of every month, from 2 to 4 p.m.  The first gathering is September 4th. There you are invited to create a shawl to support this ministry, or continue working on a personal project, or even just visit with the others and enjoy the fellowship.   You are welcome to invite your neighbours and friends. Questions: Contact Sandy Hayes at 905 820 4437.

Chancel Choir
The Chancel Choir practices on Thursday evenings starting September 5th at 7 pm. New members are always welcome. If you like to sing, please join the choir.

New Book Club
EMUC's newest book club is still accepting new members. If you have missed the recent start-up meeting it is not too late to become involved. Please contact Sandy Hayes (905 820 4437) for more information.
Circle of Friends
All women are welcome for coffee and conversation on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. September 11th is the first gathering and on September 25th donations will be collected for the Alzheimers Society.

Bunch for Lunch
Please join us for a time of fellowship with “Bunch for Lunch” Sunday September 15th following service.  We will have lunch at Symposium Restaurant, 3055 Dundas St. West, Mississauga: this is in the same plaza as Starsky’s and Classic Bowl. Separate cheques. Please let Larry van Goozen know if you are coming so we can advise the restaurant how many people to expect.

EMUC Bridge Club - Season Kick-off
Come see what the group is all about, new members are most certainly welcome. On September 20th players will meet in the lower hall, commencing 7:00 PM.   Light refreshment will be on hand. Registration ($55/couple will be collected) and playing schedule will be circulated.

EMUC Striders (Leisure Hikes)
On September 22nd the EMUC Striders will be exploring the Forks of the Credit, starting at the Belfountain Conservation Area, and hiking to the Willoughby Property with views of the Stonecutters Dam – Quarried stone used for Ontario Legislature and Toronto Old City Hall. Visit the following link for more information:
Car pooling will be arranged, however, note the following fees plus HST apply for general admission. CVCA members are exempt.
Adults: $5.75; Children (6-14): $2.65; Senior (60 and over): $4.43
Maximum charge per vehicle of up to 6 people: $23.90
Parking per vehicle on weekends and holidays: $10.00
A percentage of the gift cards we purchase through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church. This means that just by paying for your groceries and gas with gift cards, you can generate funds for our church on a monthly basis. You don’t have to change where you shop, what you buy and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month. The next order date is September 29 th . Simply fill out the order form for the gift cards you would like to buy.