Eastern Washington: Thursday, November 29
Western Washington: Saturday, December 1
It's time to Fall into some great education! The WSPMA is proud to host Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Dr. Stuart Mitchell and the King County Health Department this November/December. A full day of dedication to all things rodents. So whether you need a refresher course or you're just starting out, this is the place to be.

From now until Dec. 31, 2018, when you buy two 25-lb. Lava-Lor™ Granular Bait tubs , you’ll get 12 FREE 10-oz. Lava-Lor™ Granular Bait shakers*. Formulated with two potent active ingredients, Lava-Lor™ Granular Bait provides the ultimate solution for cockroach** and cricket infestations. This ready-to-use, easy-to-apply product can be used indoors and outdoors as a perimeter or turf treatment, and at food handling and processing sites.

*Fulfilled by Zoecon® based on participating distributors
**Excluding American Cockroaches

WSDA License Renewal Test Group
As we near the 2019 renewal season, WSDA has been updating the credit card payment process for online license renewals. Before making the credit card payment option available to all licensees for this season, WSDA would like to “test” the updates to a smaller group and welcomes you to be a part of that test group. This will be actual renewal of your licenses via credit card payment and your participation will be an important part of their evaluation of the updates. The only requirement would be that you renew your licenses between October 15 and October 31 via credit card. If you are interested, please contact Christina Zimmerman, Licensing Section Supervisor, at  czimmerman@agr.wa.gov  by October 10 th . She will send you a link to the renewal site once it is made available.

Request for Member Feedback
We wanted to once again encourage our Members to provide updates about the happenings within their company. This also includes anytime you may get a helping hand or have an exceptional experience with one of our Vendors. We hope to be able to add a dedicated section in each issue to highlight our Members.

The Protecta® EVO® Express™ comes pre-installed with a concrete block that is completely enclosed in the station for a professional appearance.