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May 2020
A Business Partner to the Supply Chain
Autoquip is proud to have a role in keeping the supply chain going without interruption. Our industry partners in retail, distribution, food, and healthcare need accessibility to lift equipment more than ever right now to help keep their production, warehouse and transportation moving. Our lifting technology and industrial process controls enable these industries to maximize their productivity and perform critical functions. 

We are also very proud of the essential work our employees are doing to support our partners in the supply chain. Without them our operations would have slowed down, putting our shipments at risk, but they have been 100% dedicated to keeping our production going during this crisis.
Lifting and Handling Solutions for the Supply Chain:  
Special Air Cargo Lift with Powered Rollers & Caster Deck increases productivity, safety, and longevity for multinational package and shipping company.
A medical company developing new advancements in equipment technology uses a Tork2 Scissor Lift with Turntable and Track Mounted for production and assembly of their medical devices.
Major truck manufacturer uses synchronized scissor lift system expediting the inspection process by providing flexibility to inspect all size trucks on all assembly lines.
High-Performance 4-level freight lift system with advanced control operations helps increase efficiency for online retail distribution center.
Product Update:
AQ Connect – contact-less way of monitoring your equipment remotely.

We know the way of doing business is shifting for a lot of our customers. Day-to-day operations have changed while you take precautions to keep your employees safe and healthy. At the same time you look to implement new safety methods and ways to adjust operations, we offer a contact-less solution to keep your equipment and operations going. AQ Connect Control Panel and Monitoring Service allows our experienced service team to monitor and troubleshoot for you. No on-site service call is required for diagnosis and any required reprogramming can all be done remotely.   Learn more.  
Industry News:

MHI’s CSS Vertical Reciprocating Conveyer (VRC) subcommittee has published an at-a-glance reference doc explaining VRCs. Autoquip serves in a leadership role to this committee, and because of our extensive experiencing designing and manufacturing VRC’s, we offered a lot of information to help put this document together. The document will serve as a useful guide about VRC’s and the role they serve in the Material Handling Industry. To download the document, visit
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