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February 2019
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5 Solutions To Help Our Customers
Get the Job Done
…Move material from work zone to zone with portable lifting solutions
Our customers need flexibility to transport equipment to different areas within their plant to improve efficiency and production time. That is why we offer many portable solutions to equip our lifts with mobile features that can move the lift from point A to B, and anywhere in between. We have the ability to fix our lifts with wheels, casters, air bearings, or along a transport base with equipment being easily moved along a fixed track. 
…Improve operations with connected controls
By having Autoquip design a custom “smart” panel for your complex operations, we can help you digitally connect and monitor the lift equipment to improve up-time and more easily troubleshoot failure. We offer virtual support that allows our controls engineers to modify the panel as needed and provide inbound updates. A win, win. 
…Protect your people and equipment with enhanced safety components
Safety by design. Safety initiatives are of key importance when customers contact us to find a lift solution for their manufacturing processes. They want to make sure the workplace is safe for their workers while also improving their manufacturing efficiency. When customers provide insight to how people will interface with the equipment and facility, our engineers can implement this feedback early on in the safety design process. This early on detail ensures equipment safeguarding is built into the lift equipment and can include safety features such as sensing devices, safety controls, interlocks, and barriers or guards.
…Integrate the right lift system into your process
Autoquip can develop lift equipment solutions tailored to individual production and integration requirements. We work with you to specify and select the best equipment options for your existing or new production requirements. Our lifts are used to feed automated conveyor lines, or to move heavy loads down an assembly line. We also have the capabilities to support our customers through integrating control systems and programming for their automation requirements. 
….Add-on solutions for niche applications
We have fitted our lift equipment with special add-on’s for our customers to accomplish a special requirement they have for their project. These options range from adding features to enhance safety, performance, positioning, or function depending on the work requirements. These options are easily integrated into any one of our standard lifts.
Featured Case Study:
Battery Operated Portable Tork 2 Scissor Lift
A battery powered traversing lift was used to lower and position for the removal of lower furnace chamber cover for steel coating manufacturer. The clear raised height was 105” with 48” of travel. This function is performed on a second level floor so there are manually operated floor stabilizing jacks employed to distribute weight, but also to add stability to the lift with the extremely large cover on the lift platform. The lift and horizontal travel functions are controlled by a joy stick.
Employee Spotlight:
Inside Sales Coordinator, Robert Spiva
Robert Spiva is our lead Inside Sales Coordinator, and has been with Autoquip 12 years. He has brought an imaginative and creative mind to the company where anything is possible. Robert will work with you to understand your application requirements and goals, and advise on the best lift solution for your manufacturing processes. Robert has been instrumental in developing some of our most unique and innovative projects, working closely with our customers from beginning to successful completion.