February 2019
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March Wellness Challenge
We are gearing up for our March wellness challenge - 10,000 steps 3 days a week! 10,000 steps is HARD in a desk job. We better think twice before we pick up that Snickers bar!

Check out the step equivalent breakdowns featured in the link below. We hope you will join us in acheiving 10,000 steps!

Congratulations Hayden & Louie!
Stephen Crancer, partner of the W&A Crancer Agency in Rector, Arkansas, traveled to the Westminster Dog Show with his son, Hayden, in February. Hayden was the only "non-professional" handler in his dog breed, and his beloved pup, Louie, placed in the top 8 out of 30+ Cavaliers. They also received the only Award of Merit!

Congratulations to Hayden, Louie and the whole Crancer family for this incredible achievement!

W&A Wears Red for Heart Disease
Fact #1: Heart disease causes more deaths in the United States than cancer.
Fact #2: Heart disease is 80% preventable!

You are never too young - or too old - to take care of your heart. Click here to view a few simple steps to help keep your heart healthy during each stage of life.

Eating Healthy with Tona Roberts
Tona Roberts wears many hats! Not only is she the office manager of our Dyersburg Personal Lines Department and a claims specialist, but she also teaches five+ exercise classes a week and serves as our resident amateur nutritionist. Click the link below to check out Tona's "heart" healthy option for chips and dip!

Why Your Social Media Posts Put You at a Risk of Burglary
When you are on vacation, do you post pictures of your trip while away? If so, you’re a burglar’s favorite type of traveler: burglars use social media all the time. The minute you post trip details, the thief begins planning his own trip – to your empty house. Even casual mentions of your new work schedule, upcoming dinner date, or event you’re planning to attend can offer important clues about your routine. Follow the link below to an article that outlines some good things to consider before your next post.

W&A Referrals for a Cause
We are currently raising money for the American Heart Association through our RFAC program!

Here's how you can help: For every person you refer who calls for an insurance quote and says you referred them, we will donate $10. There are no obligations or commitments. We promise, it's that easy!

Since beginning our Referrals for a Cause program in 2015, we have been able to raise $12,820 for the communities in which we serve. This is entirely due to our employees, who love their hometowns, and the generosity of our clients. Thank you for helping us to make this idea a reality....now let's break the $20,000 mark!

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