News Bulletin | January 30, 2021
Upcoming Events, Opportunities to Serve, Ministry Teams
Women's Bible Study
The Women's Ministry is excited to announce that they will be having several women's bible study groups beginning the first week of March. All groups will be studying the same book, Women of the Word. Please visit our website to sign up for the class time that works for you!

Men's Discipleship Training
There are several men's discipleship training classes beginning in March. Class size is limited. Please visit our website to sign up for the class time that works for you!

Baby Bottle Campaign | Jan. 17th - Feb. 21st
Pick up a baby bottle and fill the bottle with coins, cash or checks to benefit CareNet Pregnancy Center. Baby bottles may be picked up at the Starting Point Desk. Please return by February 21st.

Kidz Rock Special Event | Feb. 3rd | 6:30 pm
Join us for this special fun-filled event in the Sanctuary! This event is for kids and their parents! You won't want to miss it. We will maintain social distancing in the sanctuary and masks are encouraged.

Married Life Date Night | Feb. 5th
Married couples are encouraged to have a date night with the Married Life Group at Perfect North Slopes. All couples need to meet at Perfect North at 7 pm.

Cookie Bake Off | Feb, 6th | 1pm
The Women's Ministry is inviting all women to join them in a "cookie bake off" in the Activities Center Fellowship Hall. We will be baking cookies to deliver to our new members. Can't cook? No worries, we need individuals that can decorate, pack, stuff & label. Be sure to come out and join the fun and fellowship!

"Galentine's" Day Event for College/Young Adults | Feb. 13th | 7:30 pm
Ladies 18 to 30 are invited to a fun evening of food and friendship! Dinner and dessert will be served in the Activities Center at 7:30 pm. Please let us know you are coming by registering at

Quilting Group | Feb. 13th | 9-5
The quilting group meets from 9-5 in the Activities Center Fellowship Hall. They meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month. For questions or more information, please contact Ann Conley.

Wednesday Night Bible Study | Bro. Harold's Wed. night Bible study class is live on campus at 6:30 pm in the lower level atrium.
8:30 am | On-Campus Worship Service
9:30 am | All Bible Study Classes Meet On-Campus
10:45 am | On-campus Worship Service & Live via Facebook Live & Website

9:30 am | "Blessed" Ladies Bible Study Group meet on-campus

7:00 pm | Young Adults Meet On-Campus
7:30 pm | Two By Two Podcast with Bro. Harold & Danny via Facebook & Website

6:30 pm | Bible Study with Bro. Harold (on-campus in the lower atrium, social distancing) & online
7:00 pm | Students meet on-campus (Social Distancing)
Jan. 30th | Mary Lunsford, Jordan Ransdell
Jan. 31st | Lynn Gorz, Debbie Arnold, Edsel Knowlton, Martin Buck, Jana Kemp
Feb. 1st | Annis Mahan, Herb Booth, Isabella Couch, Jacob Johnson
Feb. 2nd | Dustin Lay
Feb. 3rd | Buddy Rice
Feb. 4th | Finley Wege
Feb. 6th | Evelyn Moore
Feb. 8th | Amanda Knopp, Rick Lilly
Feb. 9th| Sandi Wanner, Helen Smoot, Abigail Abdon
Feb. 10th | Jordan Murphy, Brandi Ramsey, Tina Delph
Feb. 11th | Mary Beth Wallace, Hazel Heltman
Feb. 12th | Jean Lancaster, Harrison Merse, Justin Parks, Hallie Wege, Chris Thomas
Feb. 13th | Nik Rassenfoss, Jasiah Moellman
Steve Lilly | 859-743-1007
Jason Wallace | 859-743-7637

Doug Walsh | 859-992-7914 & Tammy Walsh | 859-750-7504
Ron Barrett | 859-653-7866 & Toni Barrett | 859-760-1458

1/31: Team 1
2/7: Team 1
1/31: Team 1 (5th Sunday)

1/31: Kierra Ramsey
2/7: Kim Hoskins

Volunteers are needed for our First Impression Team! This team includes our greeters, minglers and Starting Point Desk Host. Please call the church office if you are interested in serving! 859-586-6529

Our Diaper "Doo-ty" Ministry is thrilled to offer 6 mos of diapers for active members of BBC in 2020! We need diaper sizes 1, 2 & 3's. Not only do our members receive diapers, but our craft group includes a baby blanket as well! So, if you are expecting, please make sure to notify Beth Claxon, Joanne Ford, Rowena Bush, Elaine Skelton, Patsy Ligon or Linda Lilly!

Our next Commodities Food Distribution will be Feb. 9th. The supplemental items needed are: Jelly, Toilet Paper, Soap, Toothpaste & Soup. You may drop these items off at the church office.


Jan. 31st |Dedicated to Advancing the Gospel of Christ (Matt.28:18-20)
Feb. 7th | Revive our Love for Jesus (Rev. 2:1-5)
Feb. 14th | Marriages that Honor Christ (Eph. 5:22-33)
Feb. 21st | Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:1-10)
Feb. 28th | Dependent Upon God's Word (Psalm 19:7-14)
March 7th | Committed to His Church (2 Cor. 11:1-2)
March 14th | Regular in Repentance (2 Cor. 7:8-10)

Weekly Budget: $21,472.00
Last Week's Giving: $19,598.00
Budgeted YTD: $85,888.00
Giving YTD: $81,561.68
Difference: -$4,326.32
Other Designated Gifts: $337.85


8:30 am Service: 82
10:45 am Service: 132
TOTAL: 214
The Gospel to Every Home
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. 
      I mentioned Sunday that I have noticed an unusual receptivity amongst people to talk about the things of God. I think now is a perfect time to put forth our energies into getting the gospel to the lost and doing all we can do to fulfill the Great Commission. Let me share a few statistics that should get our attention. Over 80% of American churches have plateaued or are declining. 195 million Americans are unchurched (62.25%). 70% of Americans have no meaningful church relationship. These final two are both alarming and disheartening. America is now the 5th largest global mission field. North America is the only continent where Christianity is declining. I don’t know about you, but I hate the thought that this is happening on our watch. As the church, we have the greatest news (the Gospel) that people most need and yet we are losing ground in regards to lostness. It is time to sound the alarm and get focused on the Great Commission. 
      In John 14:35, Jesus said, “Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” With the recognition that the harvest is ripe, we want to make plans to share the gospel with our community. As Kentucky Baptists, we are going to attempt to take the gospel to every home this year. “The Gospel to Every Home” is a cooperative initiative to encourage our 2,360 Kentucky Baptist churches to get the gospel to the 1,728,681 homes in Kentucky by November 2021. 
      I am going to start working on a plan/proposal as to how we can participate in taking the gospel to parts of Boone County. The Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) is providing us with gospel resources (The Gospel to Every Home insert, Jesus DVD, The Four Spiritual Laws gospel tracts, customized Gospels of John, and transparent door hanging bags) and helpful planning guides. We will likely have a 40-day prayer and evangelism emphasis that will kick off after Easter. We want to undergird this effort with lots of prayer. I will be preaching some evangelistic sermons and hopefully our Bible study groups can join us in this 40-day emphasis with some corelated Bible studies. I would love to equip you to share your story and be able to share the gospel. Then, I think we could all come together and be “summer missionaries” to our community. 
      I am very excited about this initiative. It is going to take a LOT of participation from the church. We need a Director who can help with the administration of this initiative. We could use a Prayer leader, Communication leader, Evangelism leader, Small groups leader, and lots of members to help with the prayer, packaging, and distribution of the materials. If you feel like you might want to serve in one of these leadership capacities, please let me know. We will be working with churches in the NKBA to divide up our county and make sure we have every home covered. We will be communicating more about our plans in the weeks to come. We can all begin praying for the efforts and the harvest connected with The Gospel to Every Home. COVID-19 has hampered some of our evangelistic opportunities but hopefully by summertime we will be able and willing to get out into our neighborhoods with the gospel. 
      Keep praying for your “One” and be looking for opportunities to have a gospel conversation with him/her. Maybe it is a good time to invite them to church or at least invite them to join us for an online service. Finally, we need to be urgent with the gospel. Jesus could return at any moment. While I long to see Jesus, I know there are so many people who are not ready for His return. We are not guaranteed another day of life and where somebody spends eternity is so important. Let us be sowing lots of gospel seeds and asking the Lord to bring in a harvest! He is mighty to save!  

Bro. Harold