News Bulletin | December 19, 2020
Upcoming Events, Opportunities to Serve, Ministry Teams
Christmas Eve Services | Dec. 24th | 7:30 & 9:30 pm
Join us live at either 7:30 or 9:30 pm or online at 7:30 pm for one of our Christmas Eve Services.

Combined Services | Dec. 27th | 10:45 am
We will only be having one combined service at 10:45 am. All Bible Study classes will be cancelled. We will also be voting on our 2021 budget that was presented in the last business meeting.

Racetrack Ministry | Dec. 28th
We are supplying dinner once a month to the backsider's at the former Turfway Park Racetrack. Even though the grandstands are not there, they are still training the horses at that facility. This month, we are asking for monetary donations for Pastoral Care to provide lasagna to the backsider's. If you are interested in donating, please contact Elaine Skelton at 859-586-1919 or call the church office.

Quilting Group | Jan. 9th | 9-5
The quilting group will begin on January 9th from 9-5 in the Activities Center Fellowship Hall. They will continue to meet the 2nd Saturday of each month. For questions or more information, please contact Ann Conley.

Men's Breakfast | Jan. 16th | 8:30 am
All men are invited to our men's breakfast. It will be held in the Activities Center Fellowship Hall. Please register online at

Next Steps Class | Jan. 24th | 12 Noon - 2 pm
If you are a new member or just checking us out, we encourage you to join us for our Next Steps Class. Lunch will be provided. If you need childcare, please contact the church office at 859-586-6529. Please register online at

Wednesday Night Bible Study | Bro. Harold's Wed. night Bible study class is live on campus at 6:30 pm in the lower level atrium.
8:30 am | On-Campus Worship Service
9:30 am | All Bible Study Classes Meet On-Campus
10:45 am | On-campus Worship Service & Live via Facebook Live & Website

7:00 pm | Young Adults Meet On-Campus
7:30 pm | Two By Two Podcast with Bro. Harold & Danny via Facebook & Website

7:30 pm | On-Campus Worship Service & Live via Facebook Live & Website
9:30 pm | On-Campus Worship Service

Dec. 19th | Wilma Biddle, Katie Poston, Jamie Mercer, Emmiline Hoskins
Dec. 20th | Jetta Spicer, Ashley Cannon, Chris Haddox
Dec. 21st | Al Jennings, Laiken Tanner
Dec. 22nd | Nick Mosley, Carl Smith, Jason Harker
Dec. 23rd | Gary Sargent
Dec. 25th | Tina Kohrs, Glen Greenwood
Dec. 26th | Jeff Scroggin, Vicki Kenney, Penny Weartz, Cody Johnson, Eric Howard, Landon Moore
Dec. 27th | Clint Walden, AJ Scroggin, Paula Poore, Neil Holscher, Anna Jennings
Dec. 28th | Molly Ahlman, Kierra Ramsey, Trace Paul
Dec. 29th | Randy Sebree, Deena Rassenfoss, Roger Moermond, Dalton Rider, Coleen Boltz, Sherry Regenbogen, Carmen Hogan
Dec. 30th | Connie Kordenbrock, Rachel Sullivan, Loretta Simpson
Dec. 31st | Nick Benson, Shirley Brown, Nathon Jennings
Jan. 1st | Blake Jones, Therese Stork
Jan. 2nd | Joyce Sharp, Veda Blevins, Logan McDine, Sophia Marcum
Jim Westphal | 513-600-0193
Brad Rathbun | 859-250-5760

Marianne Stork | 859-586-6902
John Stork | 859-394-4085 & Laura Stork | 859-620-7821
Spencer Stork | 859-394-4086 & Therese Stork | 859-547-2613

12/20: Team 3
12/27: Team 4

12/20: Taylor Huffman
12/27: Kim Hoskins

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the care and concern shown to us during the COVID-19 restrictions. To our pastor, deacons, Bible study groups, craft group and the many friends who called, sent cards, and checked on us to make sure we are well and have everything we need, we thank you. We love our church family and we miss you.
~Gene & Anetha King

To our friends at BBC: Thank you for your cards and prayers. We are praying for you! We love and miss you. Merry Christmas! ~Love, Bill & Sarah Garrison

Volunteers are needed for our First Impression Team! This team includes our greeters, minglers and Starting Point Desk Host. Please call the church office if you are interested in serving! 859-586-6529

Our Diaper "Doo-ty" Ministry is thrilled to offer 6 mos of diapers for active members of BBC in 2020! We need diaper sizes 1, 2 & 3's. Not only do our members receive diapers, but our craft group includes a baby blanket as well! So, if you are expecting, please make sure to notify Beth Claxon, Joanne Ford, Rowena Bush, Elaine Skelton, Patsy Ligon or Linda Lilly!

Our next Commodities Food Distribution will be Jan. 12th. The supplemental items needed are: Jelly, Toilet Paper, Deodorant, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes & Laundry Detergent. You may drop these items off at the church office.


Dec. 20th | Christ Came to Provide the Forgiveness of Our Sin
Dec. 24th | Christ Came to Bring Reconciliation With God
Dec. 27th | Jeff Perry Speaking

Weekly Budget: $20,574.00
Last Week's Giving: $39,335.46
Budgeted YTD: $1,028,700.
Difference: -$876.58
Other Designated Gifts: $840.00
Lottie Moon: $5,060.00
Lottie Moon YTD: $9,808.00


8:30 am Service: 83
10:45 am Service: 125
Total: 208

Thankful for Hope

But we do not want you to be uniformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you
may not grieve as others do who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

      The last couple of weeks I have been reminded of the blessings of having “HOPE.” Earlier this year we went through a series on “Hope” and realized there is a big difference between worldly hope (I hope the Kentucky Wildcats start winning) and biblical hope. We defined biblical hope as a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future. The reason it is called “hope” is simply because it hasn’t happened yet (but there is complete confidence that it will happen). Because of my faith in Jesus, I have the hope of eternal life. Spending eternity in heaven with Jesus is not wishful thinking but my confident expectation for the future.
      In the last few weeks, four of my former church members have passed away (Covid was a contributing factor for all four of them). As I think about their funerals and their lives, all four of them enjoyed the hope of eternal life because they were all followers of Jesus. As we went through the Book of Job, we were reminded that even though life might be tough sometimes, God always has the last word. Covid-19, cancer, heart disease, or even a terrible tragedy does not have the last word, God does. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of that truth.      
       Paul tells us that as believers we don’t have to grieve as those who do not have hope. Our hope is that for the believer “to be absent from the body (at death) is to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8). Our hope is that one day, the trumpet of God is going to sound and Jesus is going to return for His bride (the church). Our hope is that we will be forever with our Lord. As I have mentioned in the funerals, our hope doesn’t eliminate the sting of death and the grief we feel when we lose somebody we love, but it does allow us to grieve with hope, confidence and assurance.
      Over the years there have been times when I have been around death and grief so much that I felt down in my spirit. I don’t really know how to explain that feeling but even Jesus wept when He was around Mary and Martha at the death of Lazarus. It is appropriate to mourn with those who mourn (just as we rejoice with those who rejoice). Recently, I have been comforted with thoughts of eternity and the realization that even though we are all going to die (unless the Lord returns before we die), this life is not the end but really just the beginning of eternity. If this earthly life was all there was, we would feel hopeless and experience unquenchable grief. But we know God has created us to live for eternity with Him or separated from Him (in heaven or hell). 
      Whether we get 63 years, 79 years, 83 years, 89 years, or 49 years, life is like a vapor that is here for a little while and then vanishes away (James 4:14). It is so important that we are saved and living in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Life is so uncertain. None of us are guaranteed another day, week, or year of life. May Covid-19 and death renew our urgency to take the gospel to those we know and love and to those around the world who have never heard of Jesus. Will you continue to pray for your “one” that they might be saved? Will you attempt to have a gospel conversation with him/her this week? Will you pray for our international missionaries who are taking the gospel to other parts of the world? Will you give to support them in their gospel work? We want everybody to live with the hope of the gospel. When death comes, we want to be able to celebrate the person’s confident expectation that they are with the Lord. Hope, that comes from faith in Jesus, makes all the difference in life and in death. May you be blessed with the hope of eternal life this Christmas!                                 

Bro. Harold