Did you know that approximately 41% of Oregon’s coastline consists of rocky shores? These special areas, like Haystack Rock, provide our coast with remarkable biodiversity and scenic beauty. In 1994, the State of Oregon’s Rocky Shores Management Plan designated Haystack Rock as a Marine Garden, to be used for education and conservation uses. This designation provided protections including restrictions against collecting and harassing intertidal life.

Currently, the State is updating the Rocky Habitat Management Strategy (RHMS) as part of its update of the Territorial Sea Plan, which acts as a coordinated vision for Oregon coastal resources and guides the actions of State and federal agencies that are responsible for managing coastal and ocean resources in the public trust. The RHMS seeks to balance ecological, social, and economic uses of rocky shores by setting out general principles and management prescriptions and making site-specific designations of special rocky habitat areas.

The update process provides a rare opportunity for members of the public, agencies, and other entities to propose new rocky shore areas for protections by submitting “site-based management proposals” for review and potential incorporation into the strategy. Proposals are currently scheduled to be accepted for 3-4 months starting in April 2020. Click here for more information.

The North Coast Rocky Habitat Coalition is a group that will be looking at our rocky coastline and making proposals under this process. If you are interested in participating, please contact Margaret Minnick or follow the group’s Facebook page, North Coast Rocky Habitats .