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Here are a few pictures taken at this year's Wildlife Handling & Chemical Immobilization course.

Mexican wolf being examined during class lab

World of Wolves
November 4, 2015
Wildlife Handling & Chemical Immobilization 

Wolf Haven and Dr. Mark Johnson presented a 3-day Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization course October 27-29. This specialized course  focuses on humane and compassionate capture and handling of wildlife. The 34 students brought incredibly diverse backgrounds & experience with them.

We were honored to meet wildlife professionals, biologists, graduate students, tribal members, veterinarians and state agency employees. They came from Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the states of Washington, Oregon, Florida, Utah, Minnesota, California and Iowa.

Course format combined lecture with lab, and culminated with the medical examination of endangered Mexican wolves by small groups of class participants (under the supervision of a team of veterinarians and Wolf Haven staff).  If you are interested in next year's course, contact Wolf Haven's Director of Conservation, Linda Saunders, at 800.448.9653 x216.
Wolf Haven wolves
Mexican wolf pup from earlier litter
born at Wolf Haven

Bart - our most photographed wolf

Watching them grow

Wolf Haven was fortunate to have three litters of critically endangered Mexican gray wolf pups born here last spring. As a hands-off sanctuary, the wolf families have been left to themselves as much as possible (other than program-required medical exams). Staff & volunteers have primarily watched the pups and their parents via remote camera footage. It has been enlightening and heart-warming to see them change as they grow.  
In this video, a young female (f1422) plays with a puddle in her enclosure. She was born to F962 & M752.

Wolf Haven begins Sponsorship Saturday

Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter know that each Tuesday, Wolf Haven shares an  animal care anecdote in the form of a photo, video or story about one of our resident animals. It has proven to be quite popular and one that people report looking forward to weekly. W ith that in mind, Wolf Haven announces Sponsorship Saturday , where we highlight a specific wolf or wolf pair that live at Wolf Haven & are available for symbolic adoption .  Our inaugural pair were two of our newer rescues, Ione and Luca and last Saturday, we highlighted our old friend Bart .
 Who will be next?