November 2020
Checking my Cornflakes!!
I was recently talking with a good friend who had a meltdown last week.
I want to share with you how it happened to her because you may also be having some moments like hers.

She gave me permission to use her story and her funny line about Cornflakes.
(Which I had never heard!)
Thank you, Lora!!
Toxic Cornflakes Ruined My Friend's Day!

To understand the title, watch the video :) :)

We figured out how she could keep her "Cornflakes" edible:

  • Be aware of what you are allowing to affect you in a negative way. Make a change. If it's the tv or a podcast, turn it off.
  • Notice your energy level when talking with someone who is in a negative mode. Sympathize, commiserate or just listen, whatever they need. As you do so, send love from your heart to theirs to help comfort them. Have awareness around not absorbing their emotion. As my daughter says, "stay in your lane!"
  • Regularly check on the POWER you are giving your thoughts. Are you blowing it up bigger than it needs to be? Catch the thought and immediately rephrase it into words that are more realistic.
  • As you are making decisions choose the option that gives you PEACE.

You may be approaching a Thanksgiving Day and Holiday Season that will be far different from your usual traditions. Practice CHOOSING how you react to this. Otherwise it's possible you may allow some negative thoughts to ruin your day.


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