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Performance improvement is best accomplished by using tried and true techniques. These include the 5 Whys, PDSA cycles, Cause and Effect diagrams, eliminating waste, and more. Looking for a template or a short refresher for your skills? We’ve got you covered! The Quality Improvement Tools page on the Campaign website has been stocked with quick start resources, including some favorites from IHI's Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit.

Do you...
  • Use systematical investigation and analysis to determine underlying causes of problems and adverse events?
  • Develop and implement performance improvement activities?
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of performance improvement activities?

CMS has released the full set of Critical Element Pathways used by Surveyors to the public. Use these Pathways regularly in self-assessment to support continual readiness. Get the QAA and QAPI Critical Element Pathway .
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Deadline: June 15, 2018
Re-consent forms for CDC’s NHSN system due

Nursing homes must complete the NHSN re-consent process by June 15, 2018, to maintain access.

The NHSN Facility Administrator or Primary Contact should log into NHSN and accept the Agreement to Participate and Consent form. These electronic forms can be accessed from the alerts screen and the facility information page.

Our HelpDesk Team is here for you! We provide support with everything from project design, collecting and interpreting data and locating the resources you need. We also love to hear how your project is going -- challenges and successes!
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